Local girl, Felicity Woods from Oswestry alongside John Hutchinson from Derbyshire has enthusiastically accepted the role of Captain of School at Ellesmere College. Felicity is a day-pupil and has been at Ellesmere since 1997 when she joined her brother who was then in the Upper VIth form. She is studying A-levels in English History and Art with the aim to study English at Edinburgh or York next year. Felicity is a keen hockey player and is the goalie for the 1st X1 team. She was particularly pleased with the result last week when the 1st XI played against Moreton Hall without any goals getting into her net. She also enjoys involvement in performing arts. Next Easter the Senior School Play "Dancing at Lughnasa' will go on tour to Boston, USA and Felicity will be the senior pupil. Felicity is also Captain of Wakeman Lambert House. She commented that she "is proud to be taking on the responsibilities of Head Girl'. John comes from a farming family and is very keen on sports with rugby, cricket and squash being his favourites. John plays in the front row for the Ellesmere College Rugby 1st XV and commented recently " I was delighted, as we all were in the team, with the great start to the season, especially our 65-3 win over Denstone College recently'. During his sixth and final year at Ellesmere College, he is concentrating on Physical Education and Business Studies and wants to go onto The Royal Agriculture College at Cirencester to study Farm Management.     

29th September 2003  Back to News