Headmaster, Brendan Wignall gave a warm welcome today to the publication of the Inspection Report on the College.

He stated that “the report gave true recognition to the many successes and achievements gained by pupils at the College”. He particularly welcomed the recognition of the very good attitude to learning of the pupils.

The inspection report is based on a full week's inspection of Ellesmere College which took place at the end of November last term. The team of 11 experienced inspectors included 5 current or former headmasters. During their inspection they inspected a range of lessons and activities across the full 9 to 18 age range of the college. Overall the report identified many areas of strengths within the school recognising that the pupils are very well behaved and very competent learners. It noted in particular that pupils were polite, showed good manners, courtesy, trustworthiness and a respect for others.

The report also praised the quality of teaching recognising their subject knowledge as being uniformly very good, with high expectations of the pupils both in terms of learning and behaviour.

As a co-education school which has both day, weekly, and full boarding pupils it regarded the pastoral care arrangements as being a particular strength both in terms of support and in guidance. It also recognised the very marked dedication of the teaching staff both in their teaching and in their involvement in extra-curricular activities.

There was also praise for the range and quality of activities provided. It regarded sport as being very strong with both high participation and high standards achieved. The artistic side of the college was also singled out for praise with cultural activities such as music and drama being of a high standard. Pupils also were recognised as gaining considerable self-development skills and opportunities through the thriving Cadet Force and Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Whilst recognising the strong leadership of the Headmaster the report recommended that more monitoring of policies should take place. It also suggested that lesson lengths be reviewed and whilst noting the improvements made in the library looked forward to further enhancements and developments.

Copies of the report summary can be obtained from the Headmaster's Secretary at Ellesmere College, Tel 01691 622321.

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