b'THE ELLESMERIAN 95Rugby - U13The U13 rugby team really benefitted from extra pre-season trainingout to be a bit of a mismatch against an understrength opposition; the sessions and were able to bond as a team before the gruelling schedulegame was eventually stopped with Ellesmere the winners by fifty points of fixtures could begin.to nil.Despite this season kicking off with a close defeat to Wilmslow, the signsThis young sides thirst for victory was still not slaked as they then found were already evident that this was going to be a very enjoyablethemselves on the road once more, travelling to Calday Grange season.Brave tackling and rucking were the hallmarks of this firstGrammar School for their next fixture. This opponent showed itself to performance against a physically much bigger side. The match eventuallybe bigger and more physical but not as well-organised. Ellesmere were finished with 15 points to the visitors and 5 to Ellesmere College.forced to endure some relentless attacks in the first 15 minutes, but the defenders proved to be equal to the task. Then it was Ellesmeres turn The next game against Old Swinford Hospital was a fast-paced gameto attack. Terrible weather conditions and high winds still did not played in a very competitive spirit. It was all square at two tries apiece atprevent Ellesmere from running in five unanswered tries at the end of half time. However, relentless attacks from the Ellesmere back linethe game to win by 60 points to 35.eventually wore the opponents down, which allowed the home side to run away with the points to finish the game winners by thirty points toCalday Grange was the high-water mark in the season for Ellesmere ten. Again, the players showed that they had the heart and desire toU13s as the final game of the season, also played in terrible winter grind out a very satisfying win against a well-organised opponent.weather, proved to be a bridge too far. Ellesmere began the game with a bare 13 players, as injuries had prevented the team from preparing This enthusiasm and determination then flowed into the next game,properly. An exhausted team were glad to hear the final whistle of the which was their first away from home. Ellesmere gave a dominantgame and the season where Bishop Vesey ran away with 55 points to performance where aggressive tackling and strong counter-ruckingEllesmeres 10. allowed the team to run in a total of eight tries to finish the encounter 40 points to 15 winners.This may have been a tough final game of the season but it did not detract from what had otherwise been a very successful season. The Some changes to personnel had to be made ahead of the first gamesquad had won 4 games and lost 2, scoring 195 points and only after half term due to covid-19. However, the teams winningconceding 130. This group of players move forward into Middle School momentum continued as the U13s entertained a visiting side fromwith a solid foundation on which to build.Rydal Penrhos. Ellesmere exhibited great ball carrying skills, as well as being ruthless in finishing try scoring opportunities. This game turnedJED'