b'THE ELLESMERIAN 94Rugby - U14Summary of resultsstamped our authority on this match too and proceeded to score 50 Wilmslow - Won500points.Wirral Grammar (Round 2 National Cup)- Won500 Old Swinford Hospital- Won5015The next match of the term, which was supposed to be the Third Woodhouse Grove (Round 3 National Cup)Round match in the cup, was supposed to be against Woodhouse - WALKOVERGrove School, however they were unable to honour the fixture and Adams Grammar- Won 600we were given a walkover into the fourth round. Our last match of Calday Grange- Won 500the half term was a home match against Adams Grammar School. Again we had 20 players available to play in this match and everyone St. Anselms- CANCELLEDplayed well to secure a 60-0 win. Bishop Veseys- Won450 Prince Henrys Grammar School (Round 4 National Cup)After the Half Term holiday we travelled for our first away game of the Won- 1515 (On Away Team Rule) season at Calday Grange Grammar School, Prince Henrys GrammarSt. Peters School (Round 5 National Cup) - Won 2617School and St. Peters School. The final match of this long campaign Kings School, Macclesfield - Lost 748was away to The Kings School, Macclesfield. This was always going to be a tough match and it proved to be so. We unfortunately had a very nasty injury happen to Oliver Loud early on in the matchthankfully The U14A team have had an amazing season of rugby. This is ahe has recovered from this now. Final score 48-7 to the Kings School. dedicated group of boys who are an excellent team and are only going to get better and better as they progress through the College.In concluding, the team should be very proud of their efforts this year. This year, as well as having their regular fixtures they were also enteredIn my time at the College I do not recall any other rugby team into a National Cup competition and went on to have one of thereaching the last eight of a National Competition. They are going to greatest Cup runs in the history of the College. They won everyget better and better as they progress through the school and it has match bar the last eight match of the National Cup.been a pleasure to coach the team this year. I wish every player all the best for the future with their rugby. The season started with a Home match against Wilmslow. Twenty-six players were chosen for the match and everyone acquittedILRthemselves well in a convincing 50-0 win. Next up were Old Swinford Hospital, another team that this team had not played before and therefore we went into this match with caution. However, we soon'