b'THE ELLESMERIAN If I look at the punishment books from the 1930s (we keep goodTalk about progress brings forth a sense of the passage of records, it would appear) it becomes quite obvious that thetime.College was at one time a very stark and rigid place in terms ofIf Mr Orr verges on the prehistoric Im not sure where that 9its implementation of rules and the way it treated its pupils.leaves me. It still surprises me thatassuming I survive the summer holidays, and given the state of exhaustion by theThe records show Sloman was caned for having his hands inend of term that does not feel certainI will become thehis pockets on the Terraces and for general slackness.Colleges longest serving Headmaster in September. I have no idea where the time has gone.That Hickson was caned for unnecessary singing. I do know, however, that it has gone very pleasurably and I hopeFazakerley and Carlisle were caned for talking unnecessarily to it continues to pass in that way for many years to come. I amthe servants.one of the luckiest people around: I love my job, but the reason that I love my job is that Ellesmere is a community of sharedTurner was caned for riding a bicycle on a Sunday.values.We all support each other and in that I mean the parents, the pupils, the staff and the governors. I am immenselyMore gently, perhaps, Pavilard and Blewitt-Jenkins werefortunate to have that support andthe more I talk to otherformally warned for having a conversation with girls.Heads, the more I realise it is unique. I do not take it for granted. Thank you to everyone who is involved in the CollegeOn the other hand, Harrison was caned ten times for buyingcommunity and who provides support for each other in a wayan air pistol from a porter and using it in a form room to thethat I think is really very special.detriment of several inkpots. It is the end of a very successful year at the College. For some it And it goes on. I suppose I could feel sorry for the Headmasteris the end of their time in the College, but they will remain of the day having to deliver all these caningsit must have beenEllesmerians and I hope that they will stay in touch. For the tiring. However, I believe many were actually delivered bymajority I really look forward to seeing them refreshed and prefects. I have been appointing prefects this week and caningraring to go and facing new challenges and creating new pupils has not been something I have found it necessary toopportunities for themselves in September. discuss. Above all, however, speaking personally, thank you for your It may have been a simpler time in the 1930s but it was a moresupport. rigid, inflexible, and therefore less human time: today is better. BJW'