b'THE ELLESMERIAN The workshop was a high energy and dynamic workshop delivered by Marc from the group, who put the students through their paces in a high intensity warm up session of exercises. This was followed by a carefully selected choice of89Frantic Building Block movements, which demonstrates Frantic Assemblies unique way of introducing their challenging ways of working. The building block movements were demonstrated to the group and the physicality of each of the moves broken down so students were able to attempt the moves safely andwithout the individual realising itget them to work outside of their comfort zone and successfully do something they never thought possible. All students are working on devising collaborative performance examination pieces and will now be able to incorporate elements of physical theatre that the workshop introduced them to.Lent Music ConcertThis was a unique opportunity for our Drama and Theatre students to work alongside a professional theatre practitioner on their examination There was a wonderful atmosphere of music and laughter at our Lentcoursework. There was a real buzz about the department for the Music Concert as the choirs and ensembles sang and played through aremainder of the week, with students trying out their new skills and fantastic repertoire of songs and musical inspired pieces! Standingintroducing this into their work. Well done on taking part! ovations from a packed Big School audience rounded off a fabulous night! This was the first concert that the choirs had performed in over 2 years and it was truly a joyous return for all who performed, watched, and joined in! Tennis Academy players leading the wayTennis is stronger than ever at Ellesmere College thanks to a pool of growing talent, a blossoming reputation and state-of-the-art facilities.We have an increasing number of high-level players and are putting on more tournaments than ever before. The Tennis Academy showcases players on a national level, many of whom are aiming for World Ranking and becoming professional players after they finish their studies.Sofie Glinos became the U12 singles champion in HerefordshireTom Parr is the U14 singles champion in Shropshire, as well asbeing named Shropshire improver of the year.Jemimah Choi was crowned the U16 and ladies singles champion andU18 and ladies double champion in Wales. Frantic Assembly Emily Males and Skye Thomas became the U11 singles champions inShropshire and Cheshire respectively.Guy Welti became the U16 doubles champion in ShropshireFollowing a workshop with theatre group Frantic Assembly, the Year 12 students took part in a Physical Theatre Lessonworking on Chair Alfie Edwards became the U11 champion and U12 champion for Duets - which is a form of physical theatre dance type work. singles and doubles in Shropshire.Aditi Chezhian was named the U18 and ladies doubles champion in Frantic Assembly is an internationally renowned Theatre Company who Wales.not only deliver a range of theatre and Physical Theatre Workshop, but Owen Critchell and Jemimah Choi became the U18 mixed are also one of the practitioners studied at A Level and IB, and the style doubles champions in Wales.of Physical Theatre is part of the GCSE Drama course. Jacob Popplewell won the Cheshire U16 doubles.'