b'THE ELLESMERIAN New Scholars: Music and ArtEllesmere College celebrated three new scholars this term at a series of special luncheons designed to allow the Scholars to 88 meet and thank the Scholarship donors. Music Scholarships Two new Music Scholars joined the Music Department in Year 12 and, due to Covid restrictions, it was the first time they could meet the families who had generously donated the scholarships to the College. Lewis Reardon, from Shrewsbury, was awarded the Mullock Scholarship after taking a singing exam at Ellesmere College and a subsequent audition. He sang in front of the Director of Music at Ellesmere College, Tony Coupe, who offered him a place within days of the exam. Molly Fry, from Whitchurch, was awarded the Walker Scholarship to complete her studies at Ellesmere College after impressing Tony with her skills on the Clarinet and Trumpet.Tony Coupe said, We are delighted that Lewis and Molly have been able to join the school, the Music Department, and our community here at Ellesmere College. Both are incredibly talented and have alreadyThe Mullock Award: Mr and Mrs Mullock, Lewis Reardonstarted to perform at events and work with our younger musicians. We are excited to see what they will both achieve and are delighted to be able to continue to offer these life-changing scholarships for pupils to come to this College.Molly and Lewis were officially welcomed to the school with a dinner, bringing their families together with Mr & Mrs Mullock and Mr & Mrs Walker who generously provide these scholarships for Sixth Form students.Art Scholarship The school also welcomed online sensation Doodle Boy - aka Joe Whale - who joined Ellesmere College on the Adlard Art Scholarship awarded by internationally renowned artist Charlie Adlard and who finally managed to meet Charlie at the College this term!Joe Whale, from Shrewsbury, took his place at Ellesmere College in theThe Walker Award: Mr and Mrs Walker, Molly Fryspring and has eagerly taken advantage of the opportunities available at the Artsmark Platinum awarded school, which is well known for its arts provision to students and the community.Charlie Adlard, the artist for The Walking Dead comics and former Comic Laureate, has also funded the new Adlard Art Studio at the College - where Joe will be based - providing a higher platform to showcase some of the excellent art work created by students there.He said: I am delighted to see Joe awarded the Scholarship - he is a prodigious talent and one already recognised by many admirers who are following his story online. Its a great opportunity for him and I wish him well at Ellesmere College.Siobhan Phillips, Head of Art at Ellesmere College, said: We are thrilled to see Joe awarded the Charlie Adlard Scholarship. Its fully deserved and we look forward to helping Joe develop his artistic potential over his time at the College - its a marvellous opportunity for him and I would like to thank Charlie for making it possible.Scholarships play a major role in nurturing young talent, providing a pathway which in many cases may not otherwise be available to them. They open up a world of access and opportunity which are designed to further the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of amazing young talent.The Adlard Award: Mr Charlie Adlard, Joe Whale'