b'THE ELLESMERIANNational Theatre Screenings for 69GCSE and A Level students With little opportunity to visit live performance in and around the UK, once again we looked for alternative opportunities to still be able to watch quality performance work from the comfort of our very own theatre. The aspect of a Live Review was still part of the GCSE, A Level, and IB courses of study and therefore the opportunity to watch live streamed performance was essential for all Drama and Theatre students. Opportunities were available for students to watch a range of live streamed National Theatre performances including the widely acclaimed Frankenstein directed by Danny Boyle and starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Frankenstein and Johnny Lee Miller as The Creature. Students were gripped by this stunning performance and set design. During theArts Centre Prefectfestive season students enjoyed watching the well-known classic of Peter Pan. This stunning performance presented its audience withEvery year the Arts are ably assisted by a carefully selected prefect. exceptional use of an awe-inspiring set and the opportunity to loseThis year was no exception and Amy Storey-Gibbons was chosen oneself in the magic of this all-time classic story. Students were alsoto support the Arts team for the academic year. Amongst the treated to performances of One Man, Two Governors starringresponsibilities of the Arts Centre Prefect is the supporting of the James Cordon, as well as Wonderland a modern concept of theArts Team, disseminating information to students across the school, well-known story of Alice in Wonderland. The quality ofrepresenting the Prefect team at Arts events, as well as promoting performance work produced by The National Theatre allowed ourthe Arts not only across the school but also in the local community. students the opportunity to continue watching excellentAmy has worked hard this year in promoting creativity across the performance work at a time when school visits to watch liveschool and we have been delighted with her commitment and performance was particularly difficult. enthusiasm.RLS'