b'THE ELLESMERIAN 68Senior Drama Club began once again, which attracted the attention of a number of Sixth Form students who were also big fans of High School the Working in year group bubbles, Senior School Drama Club focusedMusical; before we knew it, the cast had doubled in size and on monologue and duologue performance work for the first term.Ellesmere College were putting on a whole school production with Students used their creativity and scriptwriting abilities to developstudents from Year 7 through to Year 13. The prospect of such a some sensitive and thought-provoking monologue work which theylarge cast was exciting and the energy amongst the students was then learnt, directed, and performed in preparation for filming. Aspalpable. Choreographed by Year 12 student Joseph Baillon, directed the academic year developed and we were able to mix year groups,by Mrs Zoe Fisher, and produced by Miss Rachel Schubert, the students started using the afternoon slot to rehearse the wholeperformance was finally staged after rehearsals started two years school production of High School the Musical.previous! High School the Musical was finally staged in March 2022, which made it the first performance in the Arts Centre since January 2020.LAMDA & Dance Our resilient LAMDA and Dance students continued to access their lessons online for the first part of the academic year and in person from the January onwards. The number of students taking up Speech and Drama examinations have continued to rise, as have students requesting private dance classes in a range of styles, from ballet to jazz and contemporary movement. Whilst we were not able to have as many examination points throughout the academic year, the following LAMDA candidates were successful in achieving the following set of fantastic results in November 2021:Olivia Philbin Grade 7 MT DistinctionHenry Copelin Grade 3 Acting DistinctionHarry HepburnGrade 4 Acting DistinctionWhole School Production! HighOscar Archer RogersGrade 4 Acting DistinctionTabitha Gallagher Grade 3 MT- DistinctionSchool the Musical Esther Gration Grade 3 MT- DistinctionMegan Pritchard Grade 3 Acting - Distinction In January 2020 Year 7 and 8 had just started rehearsing their LowerKaylee Mellor Grade 3 Acting - Distinction School Production of High School the Musical. Fast forward aSienna Hanratty Grade 3 Acting - Meritcouple of years and those Lower School students were now in Middle School and still just as keen to get back on stage! Rehearsals'