b'Drama THE ELLESMERIAN 67Senior School Competitive House PlaysRoald Dahls Revolting Rhymes After careful consideration, the much-loved Senior School Competitive House Play Competition was launched at the start of the academic year. With students rehearsing in bubbled groups, the Sixth Form Directors and Assistant Directors got rehearsals underway for this years competition, which looked at the re-telling of Roald Dahls fantastic twisted fairy tales Revolting Rhymes. Having been allotted one of the famous tales, the Directing team scripted and directed their version of the story. Talbot House presented the heartfelt tale of the unfortunate Cinderella, Meynell House adapted the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood, Wakeman-Lambart re-worked the story of Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs, and Woodard presented the lovely tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Over the two nights 70+ senior school students entertained, interacted, and performed to an in-house audience of students and staff. Ably judged by long standing staff member and Head of the Mathematics Department John Cowley, the following results and awards were given:Revolting RhymesThe Ellie Awards 2021 WINNER RUNNER-UP The Best Male LeadAbraham Pritchard (W) Cal Adlard (M)The Best Female Lead Connie Trollope (M) Sophia Nolan (W-L)The Most Entertaining Ensemble/SceneCinderella Ball (T)Dwarves Racing (W-L)The Best Supporting CharacterEthan Beaver (T)Matty Bland (W)The Best Dressed Scene Shrek Forest Scene (M)Horse Racing Scene (W-L)The Best Set Design Taxi, Mirror, etc (W-L) Tree Scene (M)The Best Interpretation Talbot Meynell The Best Use of PropsWoodardWakeman-LambartThe Best ProgrammeSnow White (W-L)Cinderella (T)The Best Technical Director Iris Grigorias (M) Kit Lewers (W-L)The Best DirectorAmy Storey-Gibbons (W-L)Lucy Stevens (M)The Best Double ActJack Tomlinson & Josh McAndrews (W)James Barker & Ollie Barret (M)The Best NarratorsAmy Evans & Doug Carden (M)Charlie Wood & Beaut Kiitirattanaviwat (T)M - Meynell;T - Talbot;W - Woodard; W-L - Wakeman-Lambart'