b'THE ELLESMERIAN 58The Combined Cadet Force Army Section The Army Sections training year from 202122 would pose some difficult challenges. The training programme would continue to beimpacted by Covid restrictions, the conflict in Ukraine and significantly reduced access to the Training Estate. Thanks to the resourcefulness of my colleagues, however, the cadets still enjoyed a varied programmeof events and expeditions. learning to run the guns with Sgts Dunn and Noaks. In June, they travelled to Cumbria totake part in their Survival Course. B Company also worked hard to successfully pass their Shooting and Safety Test and were rewarded with the opportunity to blank fire the rifle on the College Golf Course. Mythanks to Major Quentin for organising this. Many of our Sixth Form NCOs completed their various expeditions as part of the Duke of Edinburghs Gold Award. The aforementioned problem with accessing training areas meant that our Year 9s focusedThe above is a snapshot of the range of on the Duke of Edinburghs Bronze Award.experiences that cadets enjoyed despite the This included training in First Aid, navigation,various obstacles. My thanks once again to my camp craft and many of the other essentialsfellow officers for making it possible. which are also common to the Cadet Syllabus. They were able to complete a modified expedition in June and also enjoyedLt Col Martin Clewlowa day learning bushcraft. The Year 10s October expedition included a day of challenge and team-building at PGL, a day'