b'THE ELLESMERIAN 57Our Summer Expo involved some campingthis time around in Snowdoniaso all cadets practised the art of putting tents up and down in preparation. They also had to cook outdoors using stoves and mess tins, where a lot of cadets showed their prowess in making chicken and rice look delightful! Then came the expo itself. The camping was lots of fun, aside from the weather, which hardly gave us a moment away from all the rain! Nonetheless, we all persevered and got our tents up and all meals cooked effortlessly.Our expo also involved going to Bounce Below, which is a huge underground cave full of trampolines and nets for the cadets to jump around in. Being indoors was received very well, but they all had fun badge in the topic. This involved learning about how moderndoing something a little different. The last day, though, involved what all technology can be utilised to both protect and attack defence systemscadets mentioned as their online, which is a very important area of many industries today. favourite activity. We organised a whole afternoon at Outpost With the warmer weather, cadets were taken to a survival courseAirsoft for the cadets to try and where they were taught the basics on how to survive when thrownshoot each other (safely, of into the wilderness. We can now officially say that our cadets are readycourse), to relieve all that stress for whatever natural disasters come our way! We also beganand tension from exams! As you Leadership training, which involves cadets planning and implementingcan probably imagine, this was their own Command Tasks, as well as learning about using the SMEACthoroughly enjoyed by all cadets, approach to ensure that tasks are carried out as accurately and aswho had to play certain games efficiently as possible.like Capture the Flag and Elimination in a variety of different areas. Yes, it was a very busy year for the RAF section, but it was also a very enjoyable and memorable one. Everything we do in the RAF is what our cadets wish to do, as we want to provide a place for them to develop being confident andmost of allpride in ones self. Our next year will not be exactly the same, of course, but we will have just as much fun planned for our cadets so they can continue to have new and exciting experiences.Flt Lt J Haycock and Fg Off Spencer'