b'THE ELLESMERIAN 56The Combined Cadet Force RAF Section The Royal Air Force section of the Combined Cadet Force have been keeping very busy, with all cadets taking part in a wide range ofactivities. During Michaelmas we started off with cadets working towards their Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards, getting ready for their expeditions which are physically demanding, but ultimately very rewarding andmemorable experiences.We had our new cadets learning the First Class syllabus, which involved learning aboutarea. This was an amazing experience for our the RAF, the CCF, Airmanship 1, the History ofcadets, who all thoroughly enjoyed theFlight, Basic Radio Communications, Essentialexperience.First Aid and, of course, basic drill! There was definitely quite a lot to keep them busy andLent term began our next phase of they all excelled in each category.classification training, with all cadets now learning the Leading cadet material. ThisOur Michaelmas Expo was spent at schoolinvolved Airmanship 2, Principles of Flight, and and was full of exciting activities. All cadetsBasic Navigation. The term also involved a were taken to the PGL centre at Boreattontactical paintballing session run by instructors Park for the day, where they did lots of funfrom the RAF, who taught the cadets how to outdoor activities ranging from Jacobs Laddermove and be ready to shoot in potentially to Critical Thinking challenges and canoeing.enemy territory. This was followed by a day of designing and testing aircraft and clay pigeon shooting. Finally,Another big focus this term was on flying! All we had a day with the Royal Navy and wentcadets underwent their Part-Task Trainer white water rafting. (PTT) for flying, which is the first part of qualifying for the Blue Wings badge. This was For the second half of Michaelmas, cadetssupported by the RAF instructors providing began to hone their shooting skills as they allsessions to our cadets on flying using VR trained for the Trained Shot badges on theheadsets, which they all thoroughly enjoyed! small bore A1 rifles. We are lucky as a section to have some very gifted shooters who allThe Summer term meant that we lost a few excelled in each and every category. The termof our cadets due to study leave, but we still was then finished off in style, as a Junohad plenty of activities planned! The cadets Helicopter from RAF Shawbury came over torequested to get trained as Cyber Specialists, take all our cadets up for a flight around thewith cadets working towards their Bronze'