b'THE ELLESMERIAN 52The Combined Cadet Force Overall ReviewThe academic year 21-22 continued to be another challenging one for cadet forces. Although there was a move towards increasing normalisation, the restrictions as to mixing, movement, and types of activitymeant that a return to a full training programme was very difficult. We also faced the problem of access to training facilities as the regular and reserve forces attempted to fill their backlog in training. Later, events inUkraine would make access to training areas impossible. Summer Camp was a casualty of events elsewhere but Bisley survived, despite the heat and drought and even fires on the ranges! Thanks, however, to the resilience,imagination, and hard work of my colleagues, we did manage to put together a programmeThe Year 9 cadets successfully completed which saw many positive achievements bytheir Duke of Edinburghs Bronze Award our cadets.Expedition training at Quinta in October and,later on in the Summer term, the Expedition itself. Many of our senior cadets also took part in the Gold Award and were also able to complete their expedition phase. Although there was no service for Remembrance Sunday itself, senior cadets from the three services paraded the Colours at the War Memorial in a simple but moving Act of Remembrance on November 11th at the eleventh hour. As you will read elsewhere, Easter Camp was reprieved. We continued our determined push across the Contingent to ensure that every student successfully completes the FAA Level 2 Award in Student First Aid. This is one very positive initiative to come out of the pandemic as we sought alternative activities for our cadets. Several of'