b'THE appeared at the finish line in what seemed like minutes after he started. This saw him become the winner of the Senior competition.House football and netball rounded up the sporting events of the Lent term. In the football the Junior boys came 2nd, and the Seniors 1st, winning the football trophy. The girls, who were captained by Ella Maltby, also did brilliantly after winning the Senior House Netball and taking home the netball trophy.Academic competitions also continued in the Lent term. We did almost have the return of House Singing, but it was sadly cancelled due to rising Covid numbers. However, the House Debating did return. The Junior teamwhich comprised of Felix Hickish, Evan Garrett, and Harry Underhillgot through to the final, where they were narrowly beaten by Talbot and came in 2nd. This was our best result yet. The Senior team that was captained by Aditi Chezhian put up a great fight, but were narrowly beaten by Talbot, who went onto the final. As Debating only allowed for teams of 3, not all Woodard House members could take part, therefore, it was with great delight that the House Photography competition returned. As usual, the Woodard pupils did the House proud with the number of entries. There were threeJust like last year, it was amazing how the pupils knew answers to categories this year for both Juniors and Seniors. These were Black andquestions that many adults in the audience would have struggled with.White Sports, Art in My Life, and Spring. Tessa OBrien yet again won the Senior competition, as she has done ever since joining Woodard, with herIn terms of House Sport, we had a mixed age and gender volleyball black and white horse-riding photo. Zoe Mabaquiao Lennox was alsocompetition in which Woodard came 2nd overall by winning 5 out of the shortlisted for her entry in the spring category.9 matches played. Talbot won the event having lost only 2 of their 9 matches overall. The final sporting event of the summer term was the The start of the Summer term sawSenior House Golf competition. The conditions for the competition were the annual House Dinner, which hada lot more favourable than the wintery conditions that last years been delayed from the Lent term. Icompetitors were subjected to. This year we had an all-male team was delighted to see the support ofcomprising of Ben Wright, Jack Tomlinson and the mighty Linnington so many guests. Many parents turnedbrothers, Alfie and Sam. We had stiff competition as the other teams had up to the event, the most of any ofmany more Golf Academy players, with Ben being our only Golf Academy the Competitive Houses. Many ofplayer. The gentlemen played well, but the competition was just too good the parents were ex-Woodardiansthis year and Woodard came in 3rd place. and Ella Maltbys father even turned up in his official House captain jacketThe final highlight of the House year was the surprise win of the that he received during his time atAcademic Cup for the second year running. Having led the competition at Ellesmere. It was a successful eveningthe start of the year, we had slipped down to fourth and last place during due to the support of not only ourthe Lent and Summer terms. But Woodard pupils, who are never ones to guests but the pupils and Houseshy away from a challenge, rallied in the final weeks of the Summer term staff, as well as the stars of thewhen other House took their foot off the pedal and managed to convert evening Anouska and Abraham, boththeir 4th place back into 1st. This meant that for the second year running delivering great speeches. During their speeches they reminded everyoneWoodard won the Academic Cup, which was trulyof the best moments from the year. It was also nice to see a number ofamazing and well-deserved. pupils receiving their colours, and this included a number of Year 12sIona Taylor, Tabitha Leonard, Jennifer Hooper, Reuben Roberts and WillI continue to be immensely proud of the pupils in Woodard this year, as Wilkinsonwhich is an impressive feat for all as the Sixth Form aremy motto has been for pupils to take the opportunity to have a go at required to enter many more competitions than Middle School pupils andthings that they have never done before. I have continued to see saw all four having entered every sporting and many academicWoodard pupils taking on new things, with rugby players continuing to competitions throughout the year. A huge thanks must be given to all whoenter writing competitions and the scholars playing rugby and netball. I attended and I hope to see you next year. hope we can build on this sense of a family and the resilience to take on anything over the coming years. Finally, many thanks to the Year 13s and The House Quiz also took place in the Summer term. Our team11s that are leaving us at the end of this year; the support and effort that comprised of two Sixth Formers, Isaac Dodds (Year 13) and Aditiyou have put into House activities this year have made it another truly Chezhian (Year 12), and two Middle School pupils, Evan Garret (Year 10)enjoyable and memorable year. I hope that you come back and visit and and Theo MacAndrew (Year 9). As in previous years, we took on Talbot insupport the House whenever you have a free moment.the semi-final and we were bombarded with questions from the ultimate quizmaster, Mr Crawford. After nearly forty minutes of intenseAs we move on to a new year, lets hope we can build on this years questioning, including a nerve racking in the spotlight round, Talbot finallysuccess and keep showing the other House what we are made of. May our won and went through to the final against Wakeman-Lambart, but it wasblood continue to run proudly purple. Woodard, you are simply the best. impressive to see how well the Woodard pupils answered the questions. RJH'