b'THE ELLESMERIAN 34Competitive Houses WOODARDHousemaster: Dr R.J. Hansforddetermination of the Woodard pupils and we ended the Michaelmas term in the lead in the Academic cup. House Tutors: Mr J. J. Baggaley, Mr A. P. Coupe, Mr C. Davies,Mr C. Garratt, Mr J. N. Haycock, Mr A. J. Murphy, Mr J. W. Nicholson, At the end of the Michaelmas term the usual festival of rugby for the boys Mr A. D. Quentin, Mrs M. Reynolds, Mr E. J. Richards, Mrs R. L. Schubert,and hockey for the girls returned, although the boys did not play full Mrs J. M. Underhill, Mr J. S. Underhill.contact rugby. This proved difficult for the senior squad, most of whom played for the first XV, and they struggled with the new rules. Despite a Captains of House: A. Newton & A.N. Pritchardsterling effort, they came last in the Senior boys competition. They were obviously completely devasted but vowed to come back next year with a The start of the year saw the promotion of some of last years Lowerfighting spirit. The Junior boys, however, did better, coming in 1st overall Sixth to prominent positions within the House. Anouska Newton becameagainst the other Competitive Houses. This was a brilliant achievement, the Captain for the Girls and Abraham Pritchard the Captain for the Boys.and the Junior team is a real hope for future competitions. The girls also Anouska and Abraham both followed in the footsteps of their elderput up their usual grit and determination in the House hockey against sisters who had been previous successful House captains for Woodard, sosome difficult opponents. Although we didnt win either the Junior or there was obviously no pressure on them. Both were supported by theSenior competitions, the girls did well. Vice Captains: Harriet Otter and Ella Maltby for the girls, and Alfie Heasmer-Jones and Alfie Linnington for the boys. This formidable teamAlthough you dont often associate the Michaelmas term with cricket, the not only made the year run smoothly but also made it a thoroughlyJunior boys played well, they played indoors cricket, at least. The match enjoyable experience.saw the Woodard Junior boys all out for 22, and in reply Wakeman-Lambart won by 6 wickets and they went through to the final.After a two-year hiatus, we saw the return of the House plays. This years theme was Roald Dahls Revolting Rhymes. Woodard was givenThen onto the Lent term, which unlike last year returned to almost the Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Anouska took on the role of the directorfull complement of competitions and activities. Competitive House sport and script writer and did a formidable job. Abraham, like many Housecontinued. We had House basketball for both girls and boys, Juniors and captains before him, took on the main female lead as Goldilocks. The redSeniors. These matches took place throughout the Lent term, kicking off high heels that have been a feature in many Woodard House plays fittedwith the Junior boys, who came in 2nd after losing to Meynell 8 -2. The him perfectly. I think this was one of the contributing factors to himSenior boys came in 3rd against Meynell and Wakeman-Lambart, and the winning the Best Male Ellie Award. Jack Tomlinson and Josh Mac AndrewJunior girls 4th. The senior girls, however, had a bit more success, winning also won an Ellie for the Best Double Act and the back-stage crew gainedtheir competition by beating Talbot in the final by 6 hoops. one for the Best Use of Props. However, the main event was the House cross country, which saw the Academic competitions got underway inwhole House compete in the annual run around the school. It is one of my the Michaelmas term, with the first beingfavourite sporting events of the year and it kicked off with Alfie Linnington the Mini Saga. This involved students writingdoing a great warm up with the whole House before the event started. a 50-word essay that in itself would tell aThis was needed as the wind was bitter. However, this didnt dampen the story that left the reader wanting more.enthusiasm of the Woodard pupils who wore their purple tribal war paint Harvey Leonard gained 2nd place in thewith pride. The enthusiasm and warm up seemed to work as Woodard Junior competition, which was a fantasticwon the Athletics Standard Cup for the best overall House. We also won achievement. However, we had a goodthe Inter and Senior cross-country cups and came runners up in the Junior number of entries which showed thecompetition. Louis Lermite gave a notable performance, having seemingly'