b'THE ELLESMERIAN Spring turned into summer, and while there was no House cricket to speak of, the senior members of the House banded together for a valedictory volleyball tournament, often more for the camaraderie than the competition, and while the result was only mid-table, it was31a good way for our departing pupils to sign off. The House Golf focused on bringing through some of our younger players, and it was a well done to Will Aston-Stott and Elieot Williamson, both from Year 9, who helped the Wakeman-Lambart team to a good second-placed result.As the year closed, it emerged that it was not to be our lot to claim the Academic Cup: this did not detract from all the excellent stuff that members of the Wakeman Army managed to achieve. My thanks to Ioan and to Amy for their hard work and time invested, and good luck to Farrell Given and Valerie Fabery de Jonge for next year.As always, let us LIVE VICTORIOUSLY!DWC'