b'THE ELLESMERIAN 30Competitive Houses WAKEMAN-LAMBARTHousemaster: Mr. D. W. CrawfordAttention then turned to the hockey: as the sun set and the temperature dropped to low single figures, our Juniors fought out a House Tutors: Mr. M. P. Clewlow, Dr. M. T. Gareh, Mr. J. H. Cowley, tough sequence of games to nab third place on goal difference, while Mrs. M. E. Hutchings, Mrs. H. L. Davenport, Mr. P. E. Swainson, the Seniors dominated their competition under the leadership of Mrs. K. Curzon, Mrs. J. A. Kirk, Mrs. C. A. McClelland, Dr. J. L. Marsh, Millie Forster, finishing comfortably on top to take the title for the Mr. G. W. Phillips.fourth year in a row. Captains of House: Amy Storey-Gibbons and loan Craven-JonesInto the New Year, and the House Cross Country was the first major event: Thomas Jacques and James Li-Campbell won their respective age group races, and overall, we finished a pleasing second. The Merit September 2021 saw much of the Colleges workings return toCup for the greatest participation was ours, though: a superb normal, not least the idea of being able to get as many House eventsachievement given that we were numerically the smallest of the going again as possible, and newly-appointed House Captains IoanHouses, and testament to the Wakeman-Lambart spirit and ethos. and Amy were keen to get us off to a positive start.Mixed fortunes prevailed in the House Basketball, with our best performance coming courtesy of the Junior Girls, who conceded no The Junior girls were first up, just clinching third place in the indoorpoints as they claimed the title. hockey with a last-minute goal against Woodard to avoid the wooden spoon. We then set ourselves to writing and performing theHouse Debating brought out the more cerebral side of the House, House Play for the year: based on a Snow White story retold byand our Senior team, led by Bruno Kington-Brady, produced good Roald Dahl, director Amy Story-Gibbons created a good script andarguments on This House believes that soft power is a fallacy before recruited both experienced performers and new Wakeman-Lambartgoing down to a controversial decision on points over the motion initiates to make up a large and varied cast. Particular credit shouldThis House would ban boxing. The House Quiz team performed go to Sophia Nolan who was a confident Snow White, and to Oscarvery well, defeating Talbot emphatically in the final and showing a Acher Rogers who took on the role of the Magic Mirror with acerbicfamiliarity with William Gladstone, Polymer Chemistry, and Dantes wit. It was a pleasing result for Amy, who took the award for BestInferno in the process. Directorand deservedly so.Sadly, the House Carol Service was not possible this year, but the big sporting events of the final week of term were still good to go: House Rugby, followed by the House Hockey. On a bitterly cold afternoon, Junior and Senior teams took on their rivals: the Junior rugby boys showed some excellent spirit but were squeezed into third, but the Seniors showed that while they might not have been the fancied team, they were the most cohesive and organised team by far, taking the title with three wins out of three. Captain Ioan Craven-Jones marshalled his troops well, and excellent contributions were made by everyone, not least Will Williamson and first XV Captain Sam Zakers, who capped off an emphatic win against Meynell by sprinting to within two metres of the touchline, making an elaborate Chris Ashton-style dive, then actually catching the ball while in mid-air and scoring!'