b'THE ELLESMERIANAWARDS AND COLOURSWhile room dictates that not all can be named, it is worth noting Senior Schoolthose who achieved Platinum and Gold levels: Harry Harrison, Jake 162 The following were awarded their cricket colours for theirHughes, Austin Furlong-Hart, Angus Leonard, Peter Brown, Oliver significant contributions to the Ellesmere College CricketWalker, Nathaniel Johnson, Daniel Thelwell, Oscar Sahota, Louis CommunityPocock, and Kit Fisher.Year 13Hopefully all of the pupils will be looking to challenge themselves to Full: Ioan Craven-Jonesreach the next level in the future. Half: Robyn Welti, Alfie Linnington, William Selby, Alex Ratherham. Altogether, a very busy year from a very committed coaching team Year 12 and squads of talented players. A big well done under the Georgia Munro, Sam Appleby, William Owen, Ben Wright, Olivercircumstances irrespective of restrictions. Moore, Monty Henderson, Abigail Febrey, Valerie Fubery de Jong, Jennifer Hooper, Anna Maughan, Lucy Conway.Mr G. Owen, Director of Cricket Mrs C. Dilks, Head of Girls Games Year 11Half: Emily Curzon, India Freer-Carmichael, Bea Taylor, ZaraGOBrookshaw, Katie Evans, Olivia Philbin.Year 10Half: George Owen, Thomas Dyson, Henry Appleby, Charlie Boys, Luke Rossow, Harry Pyke, Harvey Leonard, Evan Garratt, Oliver Draco, Thomas Gough Tiley, Archie-Grorge Coe, Thomas Swinnerton, Felicity Davies, Tilly Davies, Tibby Galliers, Isobel Gray, Alix Nicholas, Macy Walton, Stephanie Edwards, Anna Farr, Darcy Furlong Hart, Poppy Johnson, Harriet Louch, Elexi Povey-Abbott.Lower School Spirit of Cricket Awards for Performance, Commitment, leadership and Teamwork were awarded to the following:Coaches Award: Year 8 Ewan Nicholson, Year 7 Oliver Dyson and Skye Thomas, Year 6 Harry Harrison.Most Improved Player: Ralph CornwellLower School Colours were awarded to the following:Year 8Full: Cesca Algar-Pattison, Nina Fisher, Eleanor Every, Tilly Leonard, Kaylee Mellor, Seren Garratt, Emilia Mahoney, Florence Sweeney, Mini Uras-Garvin, Adan Crompton, Archie Fearnall, Jack Jones, Thomas Males, Ewan Nicholson, William Ward, Henry Bates, Henry Dawson.Half: Hattie Jones, Freddie Johnson, Kit Ballion.Year 7Half: Oliver Dyson, Skye Thomas, Ralph Cornwell, James Skillicorn, Joseph Joyce, Harry Walker, Joe Whale, Jesse Whale, Imogen Spencer-Blow, Esmae Noss, Ellie Winn, Imogen Edwards, Lexi Algar-Pattinson, Kiri Kilgannon, Isobel Philbin, Hannah Orme, Megan Pritchard. Nathan Draco and Max Christie were awarded Improvement awards.The U11s and U9s were very much involved in the ELLESMERE COLLEGE POWERPLAYCRICKET AWARDS. The Cricket Development Programme with Academy Pathway very much focuses on individual player development, offering enjoyment, opportunities, and challenge where appropriate. One such opportunity and challenge has been the development of the ELLESMERE COLLEGE POWERPLAYCRICKET AWARDS starting at Bronze level and progressing through a Silver level, Gold level, and eventually to Platinum level. This year all Lower School pupils achieved on the programme.'