b'THE ELLESMERIAN HockeyHouse Hockey 156Year 7 & 8 Year 9 & 10 Year 11, 12, 13 1st Brownlow (10 points) 1st: Talbot1st: Wakeman-Lambart 2nd Heywood (5 points) 2nd: Meynell 2nd: Talbot 3rd Phillips (0 points) 3rd: Wakeman-Lambart (on goals) 3rd: Woodard 4th: Woodard4th: MeynellInterhouse Girls Year 9 & 10 Indoor Hockey2WL v Wo 11st Talbot 3Mey V Wo 0 2nd Meynell 9Tal V WL 03rd Wakeman Lambart 4Mey v W/L 0 4th Woodard3Tal V Wo 0 1Mey v Tal 2We enjoyed a great afternoon of Indoor Hockey to restart the Interhouse events this year.The last two games saw a play off for 3rd and 4th between Wakeman Lambert and Woodard, which nearly resulted in a draw as the last seconds of the match ticked away.Talbot clinched a good victory over Meynell to secure the trophy for this year.Basketball House BasketballBrilliant Senior Boys basketball event. Great turnout from the senior lads, hopefully setting the standard for the next three tournaments.Senior Boys 1st Meynell 2nd Wakeman Lambart 3rd Woodard 4th TalbotJunior Boys3 Meynell v Talbot 0 1st Meynell0 Wakeman-Lambart v Woodard 6 2nd Woodard 8 Meynell v wo 2 3rd Talbot6 Talbot v Wakeman-Lambart 0 4th Wakeman Lambart 10 Meynell v W/L 23 Talbot v Woodard 6Senior Girls 8 Woodard v Wakeman-Lambart 4 1st Woodard0 Meynell v Talbot 14 2nd Talbot 3rd Wakeman Lambart3/4th place 0 Meynell v Wakeman-Lambart 12 Final 8 Woodard v Talbot 24th Meynell Junior Girls 10 Meynell v Woodard 4 1st Wakeman Lambart3 Wakeman-Lambart v Talbot 0 2nd Meynell3/4th place 0 Woodard v Talbot 6 3rd TalbotFinal 0 Meynell v Wakeman-Lambart 24th Woodard'