b'THE ELLESMERIAN 149BadmintonPlayed 8 | Won 2 | Lost 6First team players:1.Gavin Yang This year our badminton team, ably led by Captain Gavin Yang, had a 2.Alexander Norris pleasing season. Gavin leads by example and is well-respected by his 3.Nelson Chong peers, but the team should also be commended, with rival schools 4.Frank Wu often commenting on their positivity and enthusiasm. 5.Dylan Cunningham6.Christopher Davis Our Girl and Boy teams, made up of six players per team, have 7.Teddy Sun competed against Shrewsbury School, Oswestry School, and Wrekin 8.Jason Jia College over the course of the year. The team were new to one 9.Percy Chan another and worked hard during their training sessions to decide 10.Cecilie Pinholt which pairings worked best. Despite experiencing success against 11.Leonie Li Wrekin College (both home and away), the teams at Shrewsbury 12.Wendy Tam School remains the main challenge for both teams! The boys team in 13.Ceci Li particular must be acknowledged; their drive and determination have 14.Natasha Moore been admirable and many of the singles matches, against all three 15.Lily Sharaf schools, ended victorious. REWOverall, despite experiencing more losses than last season, the team enjoyed having a more spirited competition with the local schools and many of the games were narrow defeats. Unfortunately, this year we lose many of our 1st team players who move on to start their university courses. I know that they will be greatly missed and we wish them all the very best.Next term we look forward to the new season and hope that the success of the badminton team at Ellesmere College continues to go from strength to strength.'