b"THE ELLESMERIAN 145U11 tennisU14 tennis U11 and KS2 only had two matches; games against Adcote SchoolThis year group were supposed to have three fixtures against and Moreton Hall.Everybody had a turn to play; it was a veryMoreton Hall, Adcote School and Rydal, but the Rydal fixture have close and competitive fixtures, that ended up level.to be cancelled due to weather conditions.U12 tennisThe first match was against Adcote School. The U14 girls werent U12 girls also played only two fixtures, against Moreton Hall andavailable for this fixture, so the U13 girls played instead. Lucy Adcote School. The girls showed some excellent skills in defensiveChadwick, Eleanor Every, Nina Fisher, and Florence Sweeney and offensive tennis. played some amazing shots and stepped up for their challenge but despite all the effort and fight, they went down 1:3. The first match was against Adcote school, with the girls starting very well and won every set in the first rubber. The second roundThe last match for the U14s was against Moreton Hall and it was quite an easy affair for the Ellesmerian girls as well, they wonwasnt the easiest fixture to play because of the windy conditions. 24 games out of 30.The girls had to concentrate and work hard to make the shots, Isabella Moore and Bella Spencer-Blow played some unbelievable The next match was against Moreton Hall away, it always wastennis but lost both matches on the tiebreak, the oppositions were going to be a difficult one as Moreton Hall play a lot of tennis.Thejust a bit luckier. team squad were Lexi Algar-Pattinson, Kiri Kilgannon, Emily Males (Captain), Megan Pritchard, Imogen Spencer-Blow and Ellie Winn.U15 tennis The girls played some amazing tennis, but despite all the effort,The U15 girls were also supposed to have three fixtures, but one ended up level on score, 4 sets each.of them against Rydal had to be cancelled for the same reasonBritish weather. U13 tennis This year our girls put up a great fight against some very strongThe first game was against Moreton Hall on the same day as the players. The team consisted of Sofie Glinos - captain, Cesca Algar- U14 fixture with the same very windy conditions. Georgie Prescott Pattinson, Lucy Chadwick, Eleanor Every, Emilia O'Mahony andand Isobel Grey played some awesome tennis and won their Florence Sweeneyopening match 4:1. The second match was a very tough and very close one, but the girls lost 3:4. Their first game was against Adcote School, winning 7:2. The match was dominated by Ellesmirian girls who produced some excellentNext stop was a U15 North Shropshire tournament, shots and consistency.After Adcote it was an away game againstunfortunately, Georgie wasnt available for this one due to a Moreton Hall School. The girls were very tough here and stuck outgeography trip, Isobel Gray and Florence Sweeney played together for the win. Id like to mention Florence Sweeney and Sofie Glinos,and came second out of 3 schools. who not only played very well in the U13, but also helped the U14 team.EG"