b"THE ELLESMERIAN Prize Winners for 2022 Special Prizes13James Merrick Cup for Academic AchievementJames Li-Campbell The Evans Cup for ICT (donated by Mr Nicolson in 2006, grandfather of OE's Rachel and Daniel Evans) James Copelin Excellence in Media Production George Joynson GCSE Media Production Wendy Tam The Richardson Cup for Services to Drama (donated by Richardson family 2013) Kit Lewers Drama Amy Storey Gibbons Marilyn Amako Cup: Soloist Amy Storey Gibbons The Hollway Technology Award Christopher Davis Marsh Cup for Musician of the Year Christopher Davis Services to the Choir Anouska Newton Instrumental Music Molly Fry Garnett Prize for Creative Music Lewis Reardon Baulcott Organ Prize Robyn Welti Mark Willis Science Prize Robyn Welti Lovel Prize for English Literature Lucy Stevens Jebson Shield for History Carmen Kilgannon Keith Smith Historical Essay Naomi McGuire The Orr Prize for Outstanding Sociological Perception Zoe Mabaquiao LennoxThe Ollier Prize for MFL(donated by Maureen Ollier retired teacher 2009) Davit Chankseliani The Woodard Midland Division Talbot Prize for Mathematics Michal Andryskowski Colin Russell Prize for Endeavour in Biology James Kelly Physics Endeavour Prize Abraham Pritchard The Sandra Lloyd Cup for Chemistry (in memory of Lab Technician 2011) Connie Trollope Sportswoman of the Year Connie Trollope Sportsman of the Year Oliver Barrett Excellence in a single Sport: Sportsperson of the YearHarvey Cuckson BTEC Diploma Sport: Academic Commitment Charlie and Jonjo AshbrookContribution to the International Life of the College Beaut Kittiratanaviwat The Old Ellesmerian President's Cup (OE spirit contribution to School) Ben Zakers The Woodard Board Prize (Chapel project - Christian Ethos) Amy Evans / Harriet Otter The Endeavour and Achievement Award Robyn Welti Headmaster's Prize: Head Girl Robyn Welti Headmaster's Prize: Head Boy Sam Patmore"