b'THE ELLESMERIAN 126FootballU9Summary of Resultsexperience to play some better football than we had in previous Packwood- Lost 16matches and this enabled us to score a couple of good goals in this Oswestry- Lost23match, which was great to see. Moreton Hall - Won32 Moreton Hall - Won10After the Half Term break we travelled to Moreton for the return Packwood - Lost05fixture. This was a much closer affair, with both teams putting a lot of Oswestry- Cancelledeffort into the match and producing some nice football at times. We just managed to squeeze the match 0-1.The U9 team has had some great football matches this term. The emphasis is on fun, developing skills, and playing as a teamtheOur final match in the end was at home to Packwood. Again, we results dont really matter at this age. The team has played well infound it tough at times and sometimes reverted too much to us all patches and developed well as the season progressed.chasing the ball rather than trying to keep some shape when playing. However, once again fun was had and some good development has The first match was a tough encounter at Packwood, with only abeen shown by all the players. couple of weeks of training behind us. However, the energy and enthusiasm shown by the team was good and we did lots of thingsWell done to everyone who represented the school and good luck well in this match, which was pleasing to see and helped us preparenext year as you move up into either Year 4 or Year 5. for future matches by giving us information on what we need to work on for next time. ILRThe next match was at Oswestry and we put in a much better performance, which was good to see and showed that the training has started to pay off. We were unlucky not to at least get a draw in this match but, again, fun was had by all who played and skill development was shown again in the match. Moreton Hall were the visitors just before the Half Term holidays and, with a couple of matches now under our belts, we had the'