b'THE ELLESMERIAN 122FootballU14The season turned out to be a very inconsistent in the end for thelast performance, the next game was against Liverpool College. In U14s this year. Many of the team were still involved in the Rugby sideswhat was quite a tricky match, the boys ended up keeping it very had progressed deep into the cup competitions, meaning a lot weresolid at the back and also taking their chances well, walking away with unavailable for trainings and sometimes matches. However, wea 4-0 win. persevered and we had some positives to our performances. A few games were cancelled throughout the season sadly, so the last The team generally were very strong on paper but, of course, footballgame the U14s had was against Abbeygate. Sadly, a few players were is played on grass, as Brian Clough once said. Our first game againstmissing for this one and it did indeed show. Abbeygate were far Oldham Hulme Grammar School was a very frustrating one for thestronger than Ellesmere and walked away with a 4-0 victory. It was a boys. They went 1-0 up and were dominating possession and creatingtough afternoon for the boys, but not all seasons go perfectly to plan. more of the opportunities. Then Oldham decided to play moreOverall, the season was as successful as it could be with the Rugby directly and got a lot more luck going forwards. Our defence haddisrupting the flow of trainings and matches. The boys all appeared to more eyes on getting forward than defending sadly, as Oldham scoredenjoy the games and training sessions, with participation and interest 5 goals all from direct balls over and through the defence. Ellesmerefor the game growing each day.managed to score another and even hit the woodwork three times, but it ended 5-2. The Oldham coach could not believe they won andI look forward to seeing how they all progress next year as U15s. complimented Ellesmeres quality but, ultimately, Oldham put their chances away whereas Ellesmere did not. MDSThe team were a little frustrated with the last game, but certainly found their shooting boots against Oswestry School in the next game. They played Oswestrys U15B side and managed to win the game 8-1. There was even a world class (in his own words) overhead kick that went straight into the top corner. It was a fun game for the boys to play in after the frustration of the last one. Buoyed by that'