b'THE ELLESMERIAN 121FootballU15Having a lot of rugby players in the squad, some of the boys tookOur last match of the season came against Denstone away. By the a while to transfer to a game that required them to kick the ballend of the first half, it looked all over: we were 5-1 down. It was more than physically pass it. Archie Floate was selected to captainobviously a spiritual team talk by myself and Mr Richards at half the team and unfortunately had to wait awhile to do so as the firsttime, as with the last kick of the game from Harvey Leonard we two matches against Abbeygate and Oldham Hulme werecame back to take a 6-6 draw.cancelled due to weather conditions.After a shaky start to the season the boys grew and grew, Eventually the team got the season started against Oswestry and,culminating in two fantastic performancesone of which I dont despite being on-top for the majority of the match, were unable tothink I will be forgetting any time soon.execute any of the chances; the match ended in an even 0-0 draw. We then travelled across to Sir John Talbot without a few of theMTH Football Academy players, who were a massive help in the team. Our final third let us down and we went down 3-1. Liverpool College came soon after and, despite a promising start, we again went behind and lost 3-1 to a team who were no better than us but took their chances. After the half term break the return fixture of Abbeygate came around. Abbeygate are known to be good at football so we expected a good test. It turned out to be our best match of the season where everything clicked and we took our chances running out 7-1 victors.'