b'THE ELLESMERIAN 120Football2nd XI Summary of Resultsto put the outcome of the game beyond doubt. A hat-trick by Ethan Denstone - Won70Beaver showed the importance of having a target player up front. Birkenhead - Lost13 Denstone - Draw1 1Other experienced Ellesmere players came into the equation for thegame against Birkenhead with the introduction of Cameron Davies, Sean It is never easy to gain any momentum when fixtures are cancelled forLai, Jonty Lewers, Joshua Mellitzer, and Kotaro Shinozka. By the time they all sorts of reasons. The cancelling of the first game did allow crucialstarted to blend as a team, it was already too late as Birkenhead stole a time to assemble this squad from all corners of the football landscapemarch with regard to the score line. Chances were missed aplenty by in the school and undertake some much-needed organisation andboth sides but Birkenhead managed to secure the win. practice. Already in place were the Football Academy playersSean Zou, Jonas Hage, Carl Muller, Wajdan Tasaddak, Oscar Sevcik, and TimurVictory should have been achieved against Denstone away. Ellesmere Aimurzayevproviding skill and footballing guile. However, the additionhad the lions share of the possession and tried to play the better of the senior boys coming off the back of a rugby season, who hadfootball. However, it was not an easy playing surface to play possession always played football throughout the school, added substantially to thefootball on. When the penny finally dropped regarding the appropriate ingredients required to develop a squad to undertake a challengingtactics for the surface the team became far more comfortable in the fixture list. This included experienced Ellesmere sports players such asgame. Having won the game so easily at home it appeared the team Ben Zakers, Alex Bain, Drew Murdoch, Alfie Linnington, Sam Patmore,thought it would be an easier task away than anticipated. Had the and the Mr Dependable goalkeeper William Brookshaw. The finalgame continued beyond full time Ellesmere probably would have firework to add to the icing on the football cake was the discovery ofsecured the win as they finished the stronger. Ethan Beaver who thrived on being the target player and scoring goals,This side came to understand the value of being organised and that Dominic Powell providing robustness in midfield, and Mohammadkeeping to the game plan generally pays dividends. As the season Eskandari who moved like a rocket down the right wing, providing aprogressed the team became to trust each other more and as a result much-needed outlet from the back and midfield.the team played some great football at times. A really enjoyable couple of games with a very pleasant group of players. A win against Denstone got the season under way. Ellesmere must have had most of the possession in both halves and converted changesGO'