b'THE ELLESMERIAN 117NetballU11Summary of Results Moreton Hall- Lost12 Adcote - Draw4 4 The U11 team only had two matches: Moreton Hall and Adcote School. The girls showed some excellent play in both attack and defence for this age group.The first game was against Moreton. We started off well and went into the lead very early in the first half, and then it was level for most of the game. Moreton Hall scored the winning goal in the last two minutes of the match, making it 2:1 to them.The second and last game was against Adcote School. It was a very close affair; the scores were level for most of the first half and though Adcote had edged in front by one goal at half time, Ellesmere picked up the pace, passing and intercepting well. Unfortunately it wasnt enough, and the game finished with a 4:4 draw.EG'