b'THE ELLESMERIAN 114NetballU14Summary of ResultsOn Wednesday 9thFebruary, Ellesmere finished the NSSAA Moreton Hall- Lost417Tournament runners up after losing a close final match against Rydal Penrhos- CancelledOswestry but defeating Moreton Hall, The Marches, SJT, and Adcote - Lost618Adcote School. Great teamwork and ball movement The Kings School, Chester- Cancelleddemonstrated all that this team were about and they thoroughly Shrewsbury High School - Lost75deserved to finish the tournament in second place. Wrekin College - CancelledOna very blustery Wednesday 16thFebruary, we faced Newcastle-Under-Lyme School - Lost623Shrewsbury School in what was a very respectful game against an evenly matched team.We managed to control the centre court Wolverhampton Grammar School - Drew55well, however, we could not finish capitalise on all goal scoring NSSAA Tournament Runners-Up opportunities.The opening game of the season for the U14 Netball Team onA defeat against Newcastle-Under-Lyme School, as well as a hard 19thJanuary was a tough match against Moreton Hall. With littlefought 5-5 draw with Wolverhampton Grammar School, followed time to prepare for this game, it was clear that more focus wasand the team showed genuine progression at every turn. needed, especially in the attacking third. However, no-one could beThroughout the season, the squad consisted of a number of pupils in any doubt about the players commitment and enthusiasm. Thewho were completely new to the game of Netball.The progress final score was 4-17 but, despite this, everyone enjoyed thethey demonstrated in game awareness, understanding and occasion and looked forward to working on their passing andmovement throughout the court over the course of the season shooting skills before the next match.was truly remarkable and they all should be very proud of themselves for their achievementespecially considering the An improved performance was observed on 26thJanuary againstsignificant disruption due to Covid-19 absences for some key a very well organised Adcote team and, although the final scorefixtures. was a loss of 8-16, some green shoots of progress could be seen to emerge (and would bear fruit at the NSSAA Tournament).ThisCSD was a great opportunity for the team to play a competitive match and work on skills that they had been developing over the first few weeks of the season.The score line could have been more flattering if all of our attempted shots had gone in, however this was a good performance from the team overall.'