b'THE ELLESMERIAN 109Girls HockeyU11The Ellesmere U11s had a very productive season. Many of the games that the side were set to play were unfortunately postponed or cancelled due to the poor weather conditions in the hockey season, but the girls continued learning the rules of the game with every training session and game. The team did manage to get a couple of games played and there were very positive experiences for all involved. The side fell short of victory in their games but both times with the smallest of margins. The closest of the matches ended 0-1 vs Packwood. This was a very tense game with the ball going end to end and both sides having plenty of chances to score. Credit goes to Packwood, as they managed find the Ellesmere goal and end proceedings with a victory. With many of the side still very new to hockey, I was immensely proud that the girls we trying to implement in matches what they had learnt during the training sessions. The side were keen to keep possession and try to link clean passes as they progressed up the pitch.With a great season to reflect on I am looking forward to seeing the U11 return as U12 next year. SJT'