b'THE ELLESMERIAN 100Rugby - U14 VIIThe under 14 team were coming off the back of a very successfulThe next competition was another new tournament which was held at Michalemas term. In fact, it was so successful that a cup run saw themWirral Grammar. By now the under 14 Ellesmere team had amassed a spill over into Lent term. However, once this campaign had finished thewealth of experience and knew how to play the game. This allowed them next one began. to win the tournament at a canter. This gave them some well deserved silverware and the chance to put some final last-minute preparations in The year 9 boys have always got the difficult job of trying to squeeze inplace before travelling to London.rugby training alongside their other sporting commitments in the Lent term. However, attendance at these extra sessions was excellent and theThis would be the first time that an Under 14 side had represented players were able to get through some good preparation. Ellesmere College at the Rosslyn Park sevens. It proved to be a fantastic There were some high hopes for this particular crop of players so theyexperience of the pupils. They got to see some of the biggest schools in were entered into more tournaments than usual. These were all packedthe country play the game. The Ellesmere side certainly did not look out into the second half of the Lent term.of place as they cruised through the group stages beating some well-established schools such as Hymers College, Bedford and the Oratory The first tournament saw them play at the Old Swinford Hospital sevens.school. This saw them face Uppingham in the elimination round. The This was a new competition and allowed the players to put their trainingwinner of this would progress through to the second day of the to the test. They got off to a good start with some excellent wins alongcompetition. Ellesmere college worked hard in a closely fought game and the way. However, a lack lustre performance against the Crypt schoolwon 33-26. This saw them progress to the second day a feat that had not saw them crash out in the quarterfinals which came as a shock. This wasbeen repeated by an Ellesmere College since 2012.The next day saw a good opportunity for the pupils to learn a few lessons in sevens rugbythem drawn in another group which included Dean Close school and in order to prepare for the Solihull sevens. Brighton. Although aching and tired from the previous day, the Ellesmere The Solihull sevens is always a very large competition with schools fromteam were able to produce yet another fantastic performance beating all over the country in attendance. The year 10 boys seemed to haveDean Close 26-7. This now meant that beating Brighton would see them taken the lessons on board from the previous tournament and playedthrough to the final stages of the competition. The Brighton game was a some excellent rugby sevens. They kept the ball well and were able tofantastic display of sevens with Ellesmere looking fantastic in attack. cruise through the group stages with wins against the likes of Malvern,Brighton scored first but then Ellesmere responded with a try of their Loughborough Grammar, RGS Worcester and Sir Thomas Richardsown. It continued nip and tuck for the duration of the game. However, school. This saw them progress to the semi finals where they were drawnwith one minute to play Ellesmere scored a try which put them just in against Warwick school. This was a fantastic game with all the drama thatfront. All they had to do was kick off and keep Brighton out until the ball usually comes with the knockout stages of a competition. Warwick werewent dead. However, the Ellesmere team kicked off short and was far bigger than Ellesmere but Ellesmere worked hard in defence. Theygathered by the opposition. Brighton moved the ball to the edge where took their chances and at one stage it looked like Ellesmere wouldthey were able to break a tackle and break Ellesmere hearts.progress to the final but they were undone in the last minute of play.AJM'