b'12Music at EllesmereMusic is a vigorous and essential part of life at Ellesmere; it takes many forms, from traditional choral and orchestral music through to jazz, rock and pop. We pride ourselves on offering a first-rate musical education that is tailored to our individual students. Musicians are organised, highly motivated, aware of the quality of their work and have the desire to Tony Coupe succeed. Our aim is to nurture these values, develop technical skills and provide countless opportunities for students to develop their Director of Music confidence as expressive performers. Vocal MusicThe College has an outstanding reputation for choral music under the leadership of Tony Coupe. The Chapel Choir consists of fifty singers Musicalcovering all vocal parts and singing cathedral repertoire at a high standard. They have given concerts at world class venues including enrichment andNotre Dame in Paris, St Peters Basilica and the Pantheon in Rome, developmentSymphony Hall, Royal Festival Hall, St Georges Chapel, Windsor and are currently preparing for a tour to Vienna including performancesbegins from theat St Stephens Cathedral and the Haydn Concert Room.moment a child starts Ellesmere College.'