b'10Media at EllesmereThe media plays a powerful role within todays society and students need to engage with this as a significant part of their education. Media Studies offers students a unique opportunity to understand the world around them, as well as to develop their own creativity. The creative media industries are Margaretalso incredibly important to the economy and offer Hutchings a range of job opportunities.Head of Media Studies What courses do we offer?Media Studies isnt just about watching films and reading newspapers; it is about actively engaging with todays media practices, theory and production. It is about understanding the Media Studiesbusiness aspects of media production, as well as developing offers studentsdesirable employment skills such as good project management, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership and working to fulfila uniquea brief.opportunity toAt both GCSE and A Level the focus is on engaging with actual understand themedia texts and understanding their impact on audiences and world aroundwider society. them, as well as to develop their own creativity.'