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Ellesmere College

Sports Academies

Sport is a contest fought on the battleground of the body, the mind and the heart.

It teaches vital self-knowledge and lessons which endure a lifetime. This is what defines its value. Sport provides a unique opportunity to develop life-skills and learn life lessons that are difficult to replicate in other settings.

At Ellesmere, our students play their hearts out for the sheer joy of it. We want them to express themselves through skill and risk, courage and cool-headedness. We actively encourage players of all abilities and standards - from those who do it for the fun of it, to those who excel at Olympic standard. Some are simply superb. Yes, we attract the best - those who join our Academies, then go on to represent their county and their country. In inter-school team competitions we ride high.

In the last five years Ellesmerians have achieved international recognition in hockey, cricket, rugby, swimming, sailing, canoeing, tennis and shooting.

Our highly-qualified coaches never lose sight of the following vital fact: there’s no point if it’s no fun. They encourage everyone to play at the level at which they are comfortable but challenge them to take it as far as they can master. Achievement, self-awareness, friendship, fun and self-confidence are some of the benefits of our well-managed and varied games programme. These long-term goals are at the forefront of our coaching philosophy and not the short term self-gratification of a win at all costs attitude.

The Environment

Ellesmere is aware that sport is only one of the determining factors when considering joining the school. The academic timetable is carefully constructed to allow those pupils with sporting interests to be able to balance studies with training commitments. There is careful monitoring of academic performance to ensure the player is coping with the demands of both academia and sports.

We have 7 distinct sporting academies that allow pupils to access high quality coaching, a tailored training programme and various opportunities to play these sports across all three terms of the academic year.

The 7 Sports Academies are:

Cricket                      Football                         Golf                           Rugby                             

Shooting                  Swimming                    Tennis

3 of the Sports Academies (Swimming, Football and Golf) will carry an additional charge, please see the document below which explains the charge for 2023-2024 and the nature of what this charge covers.

Please note: This figure is payable in full and is not discounted by any scholarship or bursary award received.

Sports Academy Charges 2023-2024