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Ellesmere College


Sport is a contest fought on the battleground of the body, the mind and the heart.

It teaches vital self-knowledge as it happens and lessons which endure all life long. This is what defines its value.

Our students play their hearts out for the sheer joy of it. We want them to express themselves through skill and risk, courage and cool-headedness.

And it doesn't matter in the least how good they are. Some are simply superb. Yes, we attract the best - those who join our Academies, then go on to represent their county and their country. In inter-school team competitions we ride high.

In the last five years Ellesmerians have achieved international recognition in rugby, swimming, sailing, canoeing, tennis and shooting.

Not everyone is brilliant at sport. Those who aren't are just as important to us as those who are. Our highly-qualified coaches never lose sight of the following vital fact: there's no point if it's no fun. They encourage everyone to play at the level at which they are comfortable and take it as far as they can.