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Ellesmere College


The Co-curricular programme is a fundamental part of life at Ellesmere College and aims to broaden all students' life experiences through a wide range of activities, clubs, societies, sports, courses, performances and visits.

Such is the importance of these activities and the value we believe they bring in developing those key softer skills, the school week is designed to give dedicated time to these co-curricular areas.  This allow each student the opportunity to explore and follow their interests in areas of strength but also the encouragement and support to get involved and take part in areas they have not done so before; this willingness to "try" is key to maximising the opportunity and indeed the personal development that goes with the experiences side by side.

Expeditions through either the Combined Cadet Force or the Duke of Edinburgh's Award are designed to increase each student's personal resilience, while lunchtime activities aim to kindle enthusiasm for pursuits beyond the taught curriculum.

During their time in the School we would expect that every child will have been given the opportunity to sing, dance, act and compete, while also debating, learning and developing a commitment to service.

The cumulative result of these programmes are confident and interesting young people who expect themselves to play a leading role in whichever group, institution or business they join.