Ellesmere College Fits Perfectly With My Vision of Education

James Baggaley, Geography Teacher and Housemaster of St Luke’s Boarding House joined Ellesmere College in 2007 and, since then, he has never looked back. We asked him to tell us what life is like.

Ellesmere College fits perfectly with my vision of education - a focus on the individual, and a rounded education that focuses on all a pupils’ strengths, allowing them to excel in areas that inspire them. The same can be said of myself; I am always motivated by the variation within my days - literally no two weeks are the same. In my roles of Housemaster, teacher and sports coach I am fortunate to see pupils in a number of different environments, this allows me to see pupils who may not be good in one area prove their worth in another. As a Housemaster of 6th Form boys I am able to see the boys learn new skills, become self sufficient and more confident young men. Under the simple moto of ‘do your best and look after each other’ St Luke’s Boarding House is home to young men from a number of different nationalities and it is always impressive how they all unite and learn and share traditions and cultures. This plays a massive part in the development of citizens in an increasingly global world and thus, to be part of this, is incredibly rewarding.

Outside of the Boarding House I work with a range of different pupils throughout the day in my role as a teacher of Geography. Preparing pupils for exams is a crucial part of teaching any subject but more importantly is preparing pupils for their studies beyond their formal education. How to study plays as big a part in a pupils day and, again it is always good to see pupils develop these skills. As a sports coach I see the pupils in yet another environment. Coaching rugby, hockey and cricket allows me to develop all the positive characteristics sport is designed to do. I am always encouraged by the development of the group or the team. Ellesmerians are tough and determined people who do not give up and continually punch above their weight which, in my opinion, are excellent characteristics. Ellesmere College is an exciting place which is busy, dynamic and full of variety and I am proud to be a part of what it aims to achieve.