Ellesmere College - A Memorable Puzzle Of My Life

Finally I’m able to write something about my experience in the last 2 years at Ellesmere College. It is not that I would casually have too much spare time to do so; I have just finished with my IB exams a week ago.When I first came to Ellesmere College from Vietnam I was a bit afraid of not being able to get used to the new life, but everyone was very welcoming and friendly. When I arrived a girl from Germany took me to my room, helped me settle down and offered me her cereal knowing that I was hungry. I didn’t find much time to feel home sick.

In Ellesmere, besides the classrooms, I’m offered a range of opportunities to get involved in many extracurricular activities. I continue with badminton which I’ve been playing for a year, and started playing squash. We have a badminton team and all kinds of sports from volleyball, basketball, hockey to football and so on are played in House Competitions. I never have to stick to either being artistic or sporty, I have been involved in the production of two plays: one by Shakespeare and another one called Vanity Fair.

In the town there are Chinese, Indian, Thai restaurants and a couple of nice shops. The Thai restaurant is my favourite, I always have Pad Thai every time I go there- it tastes like heaven. I don’t go to the restaurant all the time though, many of the international students cook on the weekend and I do too. I go shopping in Chester or Cheshire Oaks sometimes and every week we are taken by bus to shopping districts nearby.

The teachers here are very helpful and are willing to stay behind if I don’t understand something or need extra help. Also as you will be in Ellesmere for at least 2 years, your teachers normally get to know you quite well, to a level that you might be surprised. Making friends is not so difficult as long as you are not too shy. I’m lucky to have found friends who I could be a fool around, and those who sometimes care about me or my exams more than I do.

It’s only about a month left until I finish school, nothing feels more amazing. But I’m sure I will miss some people a lot and never forget about the time spent in Ellesmere. It has been a very worthwhile and a memorable puzzle of my life.