10 Great IPad Apps For Education


Showbie makes it easy to assign, collect and review student work in iPad classrooms.

Students can:

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Music Key To Alice’s Success

Alice Tow began her education at Malpas Alport Primary School, near Whitchurch, when she was just four years old. Alice admits she was never a particularly academic child in her primary school but she had a love for music. Now Alice, is in her last year of A-levels at Ellesmere which she chose mainly because of the excellent music department, though this was not the only reason.

She says "When my parents and I came for a show round at Ellesmere, we were told that the school prides itself on making students more independent and making sure they achieve the best they can. This was the perfect environment for me at 11 years old because I wasn't necessarily a 'straight-A-student' but I wanted to achieve my greatest potential".

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Infographic: Students Head to Top Universities After Exam Success

Students at Ellesmere College celebrate their A level success with an excellent set of grades. Overall performance saw 100% pass rate for boys and 96.8% for girls, giving an overall figure of 98.8% of pass grades including quite a number of outstanding performances. 50% of all grades awarded to Ellesmere students were in the top A*/B grades with nearly 25% at the top grade A*.

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During my time at Ellesmere I have had the chance to do some pretty extraordinary things

Peter Von Hoven and his family have been attending Ellesmere College for many years. Peter is a third child in a family of four, all of whom have studied or are currently studying at Ellesmere.

"My choice to come to Ellesmere was not a difficult one; I had a brother who is now a qualified accountant and a sister who is studying for a degree in business management already at the school. They enjoyed their time and every aspect of the school, so much, that it was an easy decision for me to make. This decision was also made easier when I was offered an academic scholarship, which without, I may not have been able to come for all the years that I have". He says

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Ellesmere Is A Great Place To Learn and Grow

(Charlotte, pictured left)

From the very beginning, when I first walked into Ellesmere College, I had this feeling that I had arrived at my second home, and that is because of the supportive community and welcome I received at the school.

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Google Glass - The new face of education technology?

Reuban Strain heads up the Biology department at Ellesmere College, and as he says, many of us are now taking the digital plunge. Reuban investigates this investment in hand-held devices to enhance learning, with the Ipad emerging as the ‘go to’ device for most schools and colleges.

With the introduction of Ipads into the classroom, it is hardly surprising that Apple have focused their marketing efforts on education. They have made the Ipad an appealing product and one that has been shown to enhance student engagement. Add to that the lure of an Apple Distinguished Educator to guide you through the transition, and what more could you want? Some might think that this is Apple’s way of ensuring that their device is not only the first device your child uses, but also the one they continue to use throughout their lives. But surely only cynics would believe that.

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Student is Now a True Ambassador

Sixth Form student Amelia Morris has grown into a genuine ‘ambassador’ for Ellesmere College. Amelia, whose family reside just outside Whitchurch, has been at the school for almost ten years, starting at the age of eight. “My memories of Ellesmere go back before I even started at the school, as my dad is himself an Old Ellesmerian. Right from the start his mind was set on my brother, Ed and I spending our school life here. Now, looking back, I can’t thank my parents enough for giving me such a great opportunity to be in a school like Ellesmere”. she says.

Currently studying for her A-levels in Business Studies, Media and Art, it wasn’t long before she realised what career path she wished to take. A naturally creative and intelligent individual, Amelia plans to study Business Marketing at University before one day opening her own marketing agency. During the last ten years Amelia has embraced every element of student life, participating in the numerous extra-curricular activities available at Ellesmere, such as playing for the 1st Team hockey and completing her Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and the array of inter-House competitions.

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Ellesmere Students Ace A-Levels to Follow Medical Dream

Medicine is probably one of the most fulfilling; personally rewarding and secure careers open to students who have interests in the biological and chemical sciences. It is also a career that carries with it incredibly daunting responsibilities. At a time when competition for places at medical schools is fierce, Ellesmere students have succeed in pursuing their dreams of a medical career. Overall students at Ellesmere celebrated an excellent set of A-Level grades this year with over a half achieving A* - B Grades.

The demand for Medical School places means that entry standards to Medicine are set very high and even top grades will not necessarily guarantee you a place. Ben Hall, Bethan Lee, Leroy Tonge and Mark McBrien all secured their first choice university places with some exceptional results. Ben, who won The Silver Cross Academic Scholarship on joining Ellesmere, gained an A* in Biology and three A grades in Chemistry, Physics and General Studies. He will be studying at Liverpool University. Mark McBrien will pursue medicine at Edinburgh University with three A* grades in Physics, Maths and Chemistry plus a further two A grades in Biology and General Studies. Bethan Lee secured her place to read medicine at Leicester with an A* in Biology and two A grades in Chemistry and Maths. Leroy Tonge will be studying at University College London and will read Medicinal Chemistry with an A* in Biology and A grades in Chemistry and Physics.

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Development in Independent Schools - Is It Worth It?

Without a doubt, the role of the development professional is now integral to the future of Independent Schools in the UK. But then as a development professional I would say that wouldn’t I? However, I do not believe that you can be aware of the growing financial pressures on our current and future parent body, which will no doubt need greater bursarial support in coming years. Nor, indeed, have even a nodding acquaintance with the state of the national finances and think otherwise.

Here are some facts from the recent IDPE Benchmarking Survey carried out by Crowe Clark Whitehill:-

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Top 10 Facebook Posts for 2012-13 School Year

It was another incredible year for Ellesmere’s Facebook page and our fans. Below is a countdown of our Top Ten most ‘engaged’ posts from the 2012-13 school year based on likes, comments and shares.

1) Life at Ellesmere Video - July 19th

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