Lewis Hall

Were you aware of our regional scholarships? Lewis and Ben Hall are shining examples of it

Many people often believe for various reasons that an Ellesmere College education is out of reach, with many not taking the opportunity to explore the campus and investigate the wide

variety of scholarships available.

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Doai Bui

For International Women’s Day meet our international woman who is doing great things

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5 Reasons British Boarding Schools Are Still Among The Best

Offering world-class teaching, excellent facilities and pastoral care, a British boarding school is an obvious choice for gifted and inquisitive young students. Combining modern classrooms and architecture in historic buildings set in acres of woodland, children can benefit from rural surroundings while receiving excellent teaching which will set them up for their chosen future career.

In fact, U.K. qualifications are recognised and respected by universities worldwide. In 2014, 92 percent of school leavers from UK independent schools went on to higher education. In 2012, 75 percent received offers from the most elite universities in the UK according to the Independent Schools Council Census in 2015 and 2012. Subject to the high quality standards set by the UK education authority, these schools provide students with the necessary attention and support in all aspects of their education and daily school lives.

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7 People you will Meet at a UK International Boarding School

Starting boarding school is an exciting experience - moving to a new place, taking on new subjects, meeting new people - and if you're going abroad for your studies then familiarising yourself with the culture and your new settings is important too. But don't worry - boarding school is not an experience that you go through alone! Your school will become your home away from home and you'll have the chance to meet diverse and interesting people who can end up becoming your friends for life!

The friends you make at boarding school will share your classes with you, be on your team when you're learning new sports, help you choose from the varied and fun extra-curricular activities, and will be there to explore your exciting new school buildings and the beautiful grounds where you will be living.

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Knowing your options: Your guide to the British education system

Choosing the right British institution to cater for each individual student's requirements and learning style can appear to be an overwhelming decision. From verbal reasoning to numerical testing, from coursework to examinations, British students are subject to a variety of classroom styles and teaching methods.

The British education system was ranked sixth in the world in 2012, and ranked second in Europe in 2014, according to the BBC. "To maintain our position, we must continue to attract international students and promote the UK as a knowledge economy," UK Business Secretary Vince Cable commented, making this the perfect time for international students to get to know their options and make the right choice when it comes to UK study.

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Students Score Top Marks in Exam Results

Students at Ellesmere College Sixth Form achieved another great crop of results and can celebrate their A level success. Overall performance saw 98.9% pass rate including quite a number of outstanding performances. Nearly 60% of all grades awarded to Ellesmere students were in the top A*/B grades with the girls raising that bar to nearly 70% of their grades published being in A*AB and a 100% pass rate.

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My experience at the Congress of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists - Luisa Michel

When Dave Butler came to Ellesmere College in November 2014, I thought it would be just another useful EDGE lecture. What I definitely didn't expect was that I and three other Ellesmere students would be chosen to represent the School at the Congress of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists along with the brightest and most distinguished high school students from across America.

Dave is founder and CEO of the Safe Haven Project and Youth Futures International and every day he helps and inspires young people all over the world to strive for their dreams. This time he made this dream come true for Charlotte, Felipe, Will and me, as we were the lucky ones to be selected for the Congress. Not only were we about to fly to Boston, but also we had the opportunity to meet some of the best doctors and scientists from around the world and, moreover, we shared this experience with thousands of equally enthusiastic, aspiring medics just like us.

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Ellesmere has prepared me for life more than anywhere else! Stuart Green

When I was younger my family were never particularly musical, and so it wasn't until year 8 that I started to learn to play the keyboard, at my previous school, The Marches in Oswestry. I never had formal lessons, but instead I played around on an old junior Casio keyboard at home that had been my sister's.

As I learned to play more and more pieces, my ability began to grow, and as I only played pieces I wanted to learn more and my passion for music grew unrestricted. It was two years later that I started having lessons, although they were more to teach me how to read music rather than technique. I have now been playing for five years, and although I have never taken any grade exams I play at around a Grade 8 level.

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Swimming Success With Tazmin Pugh

Hi, my name is Tazmin Pugh, I'm 15 years old and attend Ellesmere College Titans in the wilds of north Shropshire. I recently competed for England against Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Italy (hosts) in the 'Four Nations Meet' but I have been swimming since three months old. I started with 'Aquatots' and moved onto my local club of Pershore and by the age of 8 I was topping up my hours at Worcester Swimming Club.

School Swimming Success

Although not my strongest stroke, amusingly at this age, I won the National Small Schools (ISA) swimming championships in breaststroke. When my school friends were asked who would like to swim in the Midland Championships (in freestyle backstroke and breaststroke) I was very slow to put my hand up. I then followed this title with ISA titles in freestyle and backstroke, the following two years.

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A day in the Life of an Aviva premiership referee - Greg Macdonald

The morning starts at 6.30am before I head into Ellesmere College to begin teaching. Tonight's game is already on my mind but the day seems to be flying by. It's already half twelve in the afternoon and time for my last lesson of the day; teaching a group of Year 9 pupils about Osmosis & Diffusion.

Everyone's intrigued by the movement of particles in the body, especially the diffusion of oxygen into the lungs and blood. As you can see everyone is working very hard! But we still had time for a class selfie with Doug the skeleton!

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