Louise Hare

Louise is an emerging Contemporary Artist who has recently relocated to Ellesmere from Chester and is finding great inspiration from her new rural setting. 

Louise creates her images using a two stage process firstly, she uses a variety of mediums including inks, watercolours and oil sticks to create strong and playful marks and images. Secondly, she makes, adapts and remasters these images on her iPad, using layering and filters to create the final vibrant textural piece.

Louise is inspired by seeing beauty in the ordinary and loves to see how patterns and colours evolve organically on the page. 


Little Bird and Nature's Dance Patterns in Motion 2 - Golden Brown Patterns in Motion 2 - Teal Patterns in Motion 3 - Teal Taking Flight to Nature's Dance Unfurling to Nature's Dance Vibrant Skies in Orange Vibrant Skies in Pink Wild Skies