Kerrie Griffin

Born in Nottingham, Kerrie was introduced to art from the word go, the more so as her parents both enjoyed painting. She started her working life as a hairdresser, moved into advertising, and then studied to become an Interior Designer.

She later designed a range of paintings for children but longed to come up with a contemporary style of her own. Her style of work involves texture and movement which she hopes creates thinking in the observer.

She has exhibited in Manchester, Ellesmere, London, Hoylake beach exhibition and held an exhibition of driftwood art at Centra Gallery in Heswell on the Wirral.


Angel Feather Follow Your Dreams Coast Duchess Daphne the Dash Hound Johnny Depp New Wave Organic Hyacinth Bulb (Pair) Peony and Sage Perfect Peace Zebra Diva in Lockdown