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Ellesmere College

OE Club

Welcome to the web pages of The Old Ellesmerian Club.

Membership of the alumni club of Ellesmere College is attained through parental subscription whilst at Ellesmere.

The majority of parents enroll their sons/daughters and members are entitled to receive copies of the College e-newsletter, are kept up to date with news of development at Ellesmere and can play an active role in the Club's buoyant social scene, along with the networking opportunities that "Old Ellesmerians" offer.

Members of the Club come together for a number of regional dinners. Sporting events, including a golf day, Rugby and Hockey matches, Cricket matches in various former pupil knock-out competitions all serve as another opportunity for alumni to keep in touch. The annual Remembrance Sunday Service at the College gives former pupils the opportunity to gather for worship with current pupils, parents and staff.

Additionally, Old Ellesmerians are able to join the active Facebook Group which includes regularly uploaded archive photographs and lively comment.

For more details, please contact the Secretary of the Old Ellesmerian Club.

The club supports a number of projects each year. Recently these have included:

  • Regilding of the school clock and installation of a replacement wind vane.
  • Permanent display of "Full School Photographs".
  • Refurbishment of Founders' Gate, below the clock and bell tower housing the school reception.
  • Installation of two trophy cabinets.
  • Support into the research of the College's fallen of World War One, overseeing the updating of the College's War Memorial.
  • Gives support to the Arts, sport and academia with the provision of equipment and materials.
  • Refurbishment of the Chapel and College Arms.
  • Financial support for student visits.
  • Support to the College Archive.


OE Club Information