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Ellesmere College

Scholarship & Bursary Testimonials

Ellesmere College has a long and proud tradition of supporting students through their studies with the aid of a variety of scholarships available for students to apply for.All our Scholars are encouraged to strive to achieve the best they can from themselves, and they take great personal pride in the awarding of a scholarship to help them excel on their journey - be it academic to Cambridge University, sports to the Olympics, the arts to a Conservatoire or Broadway production, or a personal journey of entrepreneurship.

After they leave us, students join our thriving 'Old Ellesmerians' Alumni Club and continue to support the College in many ways, but we are always delighted to hear about their successes and journeys after they have left the College.


The opportunities given to you as a Music Scholar are phenomenal. You get to perform in some of the most prestigious venues in the world. The music department nurtures every individual and helps them achieve whatever it is they want.Rhian-Carys Jones, Wales

Academic and Sports Scholar

I was given some great support and advice by my teachers and my tutor, and this consistent pastoral support really helped me to make the right choices with those people supporting me all the way through - I have been blessed to have experienced this during my time here. I loved the College and didn't want to leave after my 3 years!'

Pratham Manchanda

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International Baccalaureate Scholarship

Outstanding quality of teaching combined with a broad range of out of the classroom activities created the greatest combination I could possibly get. There is obviously one more thing - friendships, of which some will definitely last for many years to come.'

Iwo Hachulski, Poland

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Drama Scholar

My passion for Drama was something I did from the pleasure of performing. To be identified and recognised by Ellesmere as a Drama Scholar allowed me to really devote my time and attention into this both in and out of the classroom. The experiences and performances I have been involved with, will stay long in the memory and have given me an enormous platform to take my studies to another level.

Drama Scholar - Jo Jameson

Academic Scholar

I feel that even though I have only had two years at Ellesmere College, they have not only opened my eyes to who I truly am as a human being but also, they have allowed me to develop as a person both academically and in hobbies I already pursued and new ones that I have just discovered.

Filip Radu, Romania

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International Scholar

The opportunity to study at Ellesmere and to receive an academic scholarship to study the International Baccalaureate was a dream come true. It was the most incredible thing that happened to me and enabled me to continue with my dream of being a Doctor.

IB Academic Scholar - Michal Zarzecki

Rugby Scholar

The Sports Scholarship at Ellesmere enabled me to move my game on to the next level. The dedication and support of the great coaches alongside the fabulous training facilities have all enabled me to become a better player alongside my own academic work.

It is an incredible platform that has allowed me opportunities to compete at the highest of levels and help get identified by professional clubs

Rugby Scholar - Dewi Jones