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Ellesmere College

Middle School 13 - 16

For pupils aged 13 to 16 studying in National Curriculum Years 9-11

Pupils joining Middle School will enjoy a stimulating environment with an even wider range of curricular and extracurricular opportunities. The emphasis on developing personal responsibility and an appropriate self-esteem continues. The pastoral system in the Middle School is based within the Residential House system. On joining Middle School entry at Year 9, all pupils join one of the College's integrated boarding and day Houses, and are under the care of a Housemaster or Housemistress and a team of dedicated tutors.

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For more specific information on aspects on Middle School, please use the links below.

Download The Middle School Brochure

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There are two male Middle School Houses, St Cuthbert's and St Patrick's and one female Middle School House, St Aidan's. The Tutor-Pupil link will normally continue throughout the three years leading to GCSE. The development of good relationships between tutor and pupil and between tutor and parents is given a high priority. This reinforces the belief that reciprocal communication between home and school ensures complete care when guiding pupils through such important developmental years.

As a member of the Middle School each pupils will have an allegiance to a Competitive House. Middle School pupils are encouraged to contribute to the performance of their House in a wide range of activities from academic, sport to music, from drama to debating.