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Ellesmere College


The world of work calls for good exam results and, equally importantly, it calls for qualities of character and personality.

At Ellesmere College we develop all of these. Best-possible grades are an essential passport to success and hard work is an essential cultivator of character. Here, as at any school, getting it right in the classroom matters most. We expect all pupils to measure themselves against the best work of which they are capable, and we celebrate the success of every person who tries their hardest - whatever their grades.

Our philosophy is that everyone learns differently and that every learning style is a special gift. We also know that students develop at different rates and at different times. Individual goals are respected and supported. Our pupils look to a wide range of routes into the adult world; we are blessed with young people who have a dazzling array of talents - all will find out what they are good at and we will nurture that.

Ellesmere pupils are successful in achieving what they set themselves as we place great importance on developing the person, alongside academic development so they can cope with the realities of the adult world and be Life Ready.

  • This is why our enhanced curriculum includes the International Baccalaureate (potentially the equivalent of 6 A levels) alongside conventional A levels.
  • This is why we  introduced the option of a BTEC Sport route, to sit alongside A-Levels for those who already know the career area they wish to specialise in.
  • This is why our student support, whether in learning, language or our Academic Enrichment Programme, is nationally recognised as excellent. Staffed by specialists, extra support is there for every student whenever they need individual guidance.

Academic life at Ellesmere is seriously challenging and exhilarating. In each year group we seek to engage our pupils in their studies, by providing challenge and support, information and then more questions to explore.

Our core aim is to enable pupils to explore ideas, be guided to solutions and to ensure they remain intellectually curious. The academic excellence at Ellesmere provides many out of classroom experiences to enhance learning such as field trips, visits and overseas opportunities.

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