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Parent's Thoughts


Our son had been a full-time boarder studying at another boarding school, when in January of 2023 he said he wanted to look elsewhere to study for his A-levels.

Rugby is his passion and thus a pre-requisite for the school short-list. I contacted Stephen who was extremely supportive and accommodating. We attended the 6th Form Open day and then again Ellesmere went above and beyond - inviting him into school to board for a night and attend sessions in his chosen subjects, together with trialling for a Scholarship.

He came home immensely enthused and stated “this is where I want to go - everyone is really nice, the rugby is awesome - I like that we are all 6th Formers together - and the food is fantastic!” 

Thus September found him joining St Luke’s and every weekend he comes home with a smile and enthuses about his week. In addition to his studies he enjoys his time in House, has had a rugby tour to South America, and is being supported with his Gold DoE.

As parents we have been welcomed into the ‘Ellesmere family’ and have enjoyed musical events, House dinner, Christmas wreath making, coffee mornings, Burns Night- the list is endless with more to come.

Ellesmere College positively challenges, supports the development of the whole person and is inclusive of the whole family. As a parent what more can you ask for.

Joycelin and Paul Hoyland

Parents to James (Currently Yr 12)

As parents, you always want the best for your children. Ellesmere stood out to us because of its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and the range of diverse opportunities and facilities.

Having a son Todd and twin daughters Zoe and Melissa, it was important to us that all three of them could attend the same school and when we visited Ellesmere, we knew it would be perfect for all of them.

All three of them joined the Lower School aged 8 which we found to be a very caring and stimulating environment and as they progressed through the school until the age of 18, we were very happy to see them develop into the well-rounded individuals that they are today.

Throughout their time at Ellesmere, they received great support and encouragement from both inside and outside the classroom and were provided with endless opportunities. Communication between the school and ourselves was an important factor for us and we were keen to be involved in the education of our children and their personal progress. The regular period grades, school reports and parents' evenings always kept us well informed.

We feel Ellesmere has encouraged our children to grasp every opportunity and make the most of life. They have all made a very strong set of friends who have continued to support each other through the new stages of their life and we all have some very happy memories to look back upon. Ellesmere has taught them valuable lessons and raised confident individuals who are now well-prepared for whatever future life may offer them.

Lorraine Evans:
Parent to Todd, Zoe and Melissa

Selecting a school for your children is certainly a big decision; in fact, it is fair to say that it is life changing in more ways than one. Our two children, Edward, who has just completed Sixth Form after eight years, and Amelia, who is currently in the Upper 6th and in her ninth year at Ellesmere, have both had the most fabulous opportunities, all of which have undoubtedly set them up for the rest of their lives.

As parents we have been very pleased with both their GCSE and A-level results, but that is only a small part of what Ellesmere has provided for them. The opportunities are endless, all sports at Ellesmere are played to a very high standard and Edward has really enjoyed playing 1st XV Rugby during an unbeaten season and also has captained the 1st XI Football team. Amelia, on the other hand, has benefited from the Duke of Edinburgh award and will complete her highly regarded Gold DofE shortly. During their time at Ellesmere they have been involved with many varied activities including House Singing competitions, public speaking (English Speaking Board); school drama productions; cross country running, mountaineering and completing the 15 peaks challenge in Snowdon - the list goes on and on.

We made the decision for Edward and Amelia to take up weekly board from Year 11, which has provided the best of both worlds, as they are focused on a busy school life during the week and still benefit from home life at the weekends.

We are living in a very competitive world these days and our children are under increasing pressure to attain the academic best grades. However, I have often said that schools should not be judged simply on academic results, but much more on what the children have achieved after they leave school - perhaps there should be a new League Table for the same children when they are 30! I have no doubt that Edward and Amelia and, indeed, all of their friends, whom we have had the pleasure of knowing over the years, leave Ellesmere as truly grounded, well-educated, members of society ready to contribute to the world around them. As parents we have no doubt that the decision we made all those years ago was, without any question, the correct one.

Richard Morris
Parent to Edward and Amelia


I took the decision to invest in the education of my four children at Ellesmere College and the return on that investment has been exceptional. The cost is high, but the value is much higher.

Making a decision to invest in the education and school life of your children is huge. The commitment is significant and there have been many occasions throughout the years when I have questioned the cost. I now have just one daughter at school, in the Upper Sixth Form, and so my investment is almost over.

The returns however, will last for at least the next generation - hopefully even longer.

Ellesmere College has been nothing short of magnificent for my children; everything from academic studies, sport, social skills and extra-curricular activities has been of the highest standard. I measure my children on the 'happiness scale' and I have four very happy children. Ellesmere College has made a huge contribution to their well-being and happiness.

My eldest daughter is a successful mid-wife, with a career that is already flying at the age of 25. Melissa is a ward sister, with all of the responsibility that brings on a maternity ward. She is happily married and living life to the full. My son Jordan, now aged 23, leads a premier property business in Chester and develops new business nationwide. His tender years have not had an impact on his career at all; his social skills and entrepreneurship are exceptional.

My daughter Sophie, aged 21, is a successful beauty therapist, and has a great job with continued education and training ambitions in a professional capacity. Sophie has already succeeded with a number of industry qualifications. Growing in knowledge, confidence and experience, it won't be long before Sophie launches her own Spa business.

Ellie is in the final year at Ellesmere, studying for her A-levels. Ellie's sporting achievements have been incredible. She is currently aiming for selection to represent England in the under 18's national hockey team and is looking forward to the challenges of University. Ellie hopes to gain a place at Loughborough and ultimately enjoy a career in sport.

Ellesmere has made a huge contribution to the success that my children enjoy. I ask my children to do their best, no more, no less. Ellesmere has helped them achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Andy Halstead
Parent to Melissa, Jordan, Sophie and Ellie


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When Abby and I first viewed Ellesmere, it was apparent immediately to both of us that this was the school. It was quite strange but after seeing Ellesmere, we just didn't bother visiting the others. I loved the atmosphere both inside and outside the classroom and Abby felt the same. Obviously I had already done my homework on facilities and academic standards and saw no problem with any of that.

Ellesmere has made Abby a much more confident and positive person. Due to my own personal situation, it was hard for Abby to leave me and hard for me to let her go. However, I have seen her grow from a girl to a young woman; she was praised recently at my charity ball by corporate guests and professional friends, remarking that Abby had grace, poise and amazing social skills. I was so proud to see her that night and that was when I realised how she had grown as a person and, I believe, someone that Ellesmere would be proud to call 'one of ours', I am certainly proud to call her my daughter and my friend.

My lasting memory of Ellesmere will be sitting in the Common Room with the wonderful staff, that are now my friends, with Mr and Mrs Purcell who both Abby and I truly adore; proud of the decision I made to let her join Ellesmere. I will walk away with the knowledge that Ellesmere College is where my daughter became a confident, strong young woman and know that she is now prepared for the outside world and the next adventure.

Lesly Turnbull
Parent to Abby

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