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Ellesmere College


 Ellesmere College is 'Life:Ready'

We are excited to introduce to you 'Life Ready' – our new message and logo that brings together the ethos of Ellesmere, its five key pillars of strength and how they work together to support the journey of our students through their education in more than one way – to prepare them to be 'Life Ready'.

What defines a successful school? Is it the academic results that students have achieved when they leave? Is it the sporting cups, House Points or Colours that they accrue? It is indeed all of these but also a lot more besides. What defines and differentiates Ellesmere College is the success of our students at all levels and how we prepare them for life after College – to be truly 'Life:Ready'. 

Our ethos – that every student is, and should be treated as an individual - runs through everything we do and is the focus of our Five Key Principles that work in synergy and which we base our educational philosophy on in the areas of: 


These principles drive our learning, co-curricular and pastoral programmes to enable each student to flourish, grow and be successful on both their academic and personal platforms as they take their journey through the College, and beyond.  We +challenge them at all levels to be the best they can be, successfully developing the individual, supporting their skills development for life and allowing them to learn through the broad range of opportunities we offer. 

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