Ellesmere College: COVID-19

Ellesmere College - Back to School September 2020

To assist parents and pupils in their plans to return to school in the 2020 Michaelmas Term, we have published a set of guidelines to enable the safe return of students and staff.

Please download the full document here:

Ellesmere College: Back to School September 2020

Covid Whole School Risk Assessment 

Sept 2nd 2020

Ellesmere College Adopts the BSA COVID SAFE Charter


Ellesmere College, as a member of the Boarding Schools Association (BSA) has, alongside other member schools, adopted the recently published BSA COVID SAFE Charter V2.

This Charter lays out the safe practices and actions the school will take to protect and reassure its students, staff and parents, on their return to school, and the schools adoption of this Charter confirms that they will comply with all government rules and guidance and will meet the list of requirements laid out in the following areas when boarding reopens:

  • Prior to re-opening schools
  • Before departure from home
  • For international pupils upon arrival in the country
  • For all pupils upon arrival at school
  • At school

For more information on the response to COVID from the BSA please visit: Boarding School Association: COVID

Ellesmere College COVID-19: Update Summer Term 2020

As we move forward through the Summer Term 2020, the College continues to remain open to support the children of Front Line and Key Workers, whilst the educational delivery for all other students has moved to a remote learning structure. Our dedicated and flexible approach to education is always to help our pupils and ensure their individual learning success continues and we are pleased we are able to sustain our high value education delivery to our students around the world.

Recent updates about the College in relation to the Coronavirus restrictions can be seen below:

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Updated: April 30th 2020

Ellesmere College: COVID-19 Update

As you are aware, Ellesmere College closed for general schooling for day and boarding students on Friday 20th March as directed by the Government, and moved to a combination of remote teaching and on-line learning and lesson delivery.

During this past week, our staff have remained in College to support those key worker families who require supervision of their children during the period of closure, and additionally continued to deliver a high standard of educational provision to pupils remotely via a number of learning platforms.

The Prime Minister's most recent announcement has indicated that this closure is going to be indefinite and so there is no guarantee that we will be re-opening immediately after the Easter break. We will continue to monitor the situation and advice from the Government closely, and maintain communication with you throughout.

During this time, it is essential that academic progress and daily routine should be maintained for all students. Students should be checking their Ellesmere email every day for classes on-line and their homework. Routine is critical for all of us in the weeks ahead as we focus on those aspects of our lives that we are able to control. We hope of course that we will all be able to return to school as soon as possible and continue as normal; any updates regarding the forthcoming summer term will be circulated as the situation changes.

If you would like to know more about on-line learning and how to access the On-Line teaching provisions we have made for students please click here: On-Line Learning

Our Reception will be operational with cover during office hours only: Please call: 01691 622321

If you have any enquiries regarding Admissions, Taster Days or Registrations please call: 01691 626510 or email: registrar@ellesmere.com

For all other general enquiries please email: reception@ellesmere.com

Our best wishes to you and your families, stay safe and thank you for your good wishes that you have sent to us during this time of unprecedented difficulty.

Yours sincerely

Brendan Wignall


Ellesmere College: Back to School September 2020


Covid 19 Whole School Risk Assessment

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