Other ways to give

There are many ways to give to the College but one of the most helpful is to make a regular commitment to Enhance Ellesmere or to Bursaries and Scholarships on one of the Donation forms below. Filling in a Gift Aid form, if you are a UK based tax payer, means that we can increase the value of your gift by 25p in every pound given and if you pay tax at the Higher rate you can claim back 20% of the tax you have already paid on your gift on your self assessment tax form.

Here are some other opportunities: 

Leave a Legacy to Ellesmere College

One way to make a lasting difference to the College and to future generations of students is to leave a gift in your Will. Please go to our Legacy page to find out how to leave a bequest. 

Payroll Giving and/or Corporate Match Funding

Gifts are often available from corporations that match their employees' contributions to charities such as Ellesmere College. Your employer's Human Resources Department can tell you if they offer match funding, which can double the amount of your gift.

Likewise the Payroll Giving scheme will enable your gift to be made at source before you pay any tax on it. Your Employer must be registered with an Inland Revenue approved Payroll Giving agency. Once a donor has signed up to the scheme, the employer simply deducts the relevant amount from their pay before deducting tax under PAYE and sends the payment to the agency. The agency then distributes the amount to the College and any other charities selected by the individual.

Basic Rate of Tax. If an employee pledges £50 then basic rate of tax (currently 20%) is subtracted (£10) and the actual cost to the employee is only £40.

Higher Rate of Tax. If the employee is liable to pay the higher rate of income tax, then the charity receives the donation grossed up for tax at the higher rate. Essentially, this adds 67% to the donation.

Donate an Insurance policy

A donor may contribute an existing life insurance policy, or may designate the College as the owner and beneficiary of a new policy. In either case, the value of the existing policy (or the amount of the donors investment, if less) or the donated annual premium payments are deductible from your tax liabilities as charitable contributions.

Gifts in Kind

Is a non-cash gift such as a camera for the Art Department or furniture suitable for House or office use.  Donors who wish to contribute a gift-in-kind to the School should first please consult the Director of External Relations.


Standing Order Mandate


Gift Aid Declaration

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents, or Microsoft Word to view/edit Word documents.